Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 127

This Woman, don’t you have dignity (2)


She said then retreated her hand: “Today no need to do it…”

Upon seeing this Song Ting Yu, at once held her hands: “You said today then it’s today. How could it be next day? Moreover, this matter don’t need a preparation. If you couldn’t then I will teach you…”

Su Ran smiled insincerely, and glared at him: “How could you be so experience? In the past Bai Zhi Rui often help you? Or is it other women frequently help you.”

Song Ting Yu used his hand to support his forehead, and hugged her: “Wife, it was in the past. Let’s don’t mention it? That time I was young and inexperienced? Moreover why didn’t you appear in front me earlier? If you were, then how could I look at other?”

“Nonsense.” Su Ran immediately protested: “I clearly already appeared in front of you, but you even were lazy to look at me?”

Song Ting Yu coughed for a while, actually he could admit, if it was not because of Su Hao, that year he wouldn’t treat her like that.

To mention it, Su Ran is his type. Although she looked a bit slender, but actually her body is extremely impressive.  Her legs were long and slender, the most important thing is her appearance. That kind of beautiful face that let people to be impressed wherever she walked around. Although there are also beautiful women, but their beauty aren’t like her.

Because of Su Hao’s trick that year, he was completely rejected her. His prejudice about her was made because of Su Hao.

if that year he knew Su Ran without Su Hao, perhaps, they wouldn’t miss these past years. Perhaps, there would be no twists and turns in their life.

They wouldn’t have that kind of start and process.

And not always have a disagreement until today.

“Okay. Don’t say this again. Who don’t  have any past?” Song Ting Yu used his hand to clutch her face: “Now everyday I need to look at you. I look other women as other men. I just be responded at you, is it not enough.


Song Ting Yu said it, then leaned over her. “Su Ran, you just take pity of me? Don’t you be so serious to want me to restrain it? Look because of you let me starve, so I would take a cold shower. Today I had a cold. If you still let me starve then do I need to take another cold shower? Then how many times should I take it? Do you want me to have a cold everyday?”

“Don’t you talk nonsense.” Su Ran frowned, and already decided to press one’s luck: “How to start?”

Song Ting Yu smiled dangerously.

If not he was sick today, he didn’t know for how long should he wait.

This moment he was so thankful.

“Then let’s take bath together, how about romantic couple bath?”

“Haven’t you take one before?”


Song Ting Yu’s lips crooked up: “It is the rare chance that you will service me, it’s okay for me to take another one.”

Song Ting Yu was fast, he caught the pillow that she threw and put it on the side, he laughed evilly: “Am I wrong? Or you feel that your skill is very good?”

“Enough…” Su Ran covered her face, and weak. She really felt embarrassed. She recalled the scene, it was too embarrassing.

Song Ting Yu put her hand sown, and placed it on his knees: “Let me see.”

He used his hand to knead for a while: “How is it?”

“It’s a bit numb…”

“Just take a sleep, then continue tomorrow night.”

“….” Su Ran almost choked by her own saliva, she glared at him: “Song Ting Yu, dream on!”

Song Ting Yu laughed lowly, yet he was joyful. He massaged her palm and wrist for a long time, then put it down. She already kept on yawning. She just laid down and slept.

Song Ting Yu stroked her somewhat wet long hair, he looked for hairdryer then helped her to dry it.

Su Ran lied down and looked at his movement.


Actually Su Ran also didn’t dare to sleep because she knew her long hair was wet. It maybe would make her flu and would be bad for the kid. She just really tired and didn’t want to move.

The time Song Ting Yu’s hand softly travel around soft hair, she could feel it.

Finally when Song Ting Yu was done, she just slept.

Song Ting Yu tidied the thing, then went back. She already slept so soundly.

He laid on the bed. Because didn’t want to wake her up, so his movement was so cautious. He put her on the embrace. He kissed her closed eyes for a while: “Night, Mrs Song.”

Su Ran already slept, of course, she wouldn’t respond to him. Yet he felt very satisfied.

Su Ran’s belly was getting better. It was already three months.

After the spring festival, Tian Mi felt herself to be fatter. She inspected Su Ran, who sat down on the sofa while chewing apple. How could the one is pregnant be skinnier than you!

She felt that God was not fair, she is the kind of easily fat people.

“Ran Ran, most recently do you throw up a lot? And always don’t eat thing? Or perhaps after you eat, you would throw up?” Tian Mi said it then extended her hand to stroke Su Ran’s belly.

“No, my pregnancy this time is quite good. I rarely throw up, my appetite is quite good. I eat a lot….”



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