Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 125

Don’t you understand it is the trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence?


Su Ran pushed him away: “What do you have after this? If you are free then let’s go to the hospital with me.”

Song Ting Yu shook his head: “I don’t have time.”

“You could hand it over to Zi Chu to handle it, he can handle it well.”

“I cannot. It’s better for me to do it.”

“Then tell me, what do you want to do?” In short Su Ran felt he was just making an excuse, he just didn’t want to go to the hospital.

“…..” Song Ting Yu was silent: “I just look for two tablets and eat it. I will be better soon.”

Su Ran didn’t mind him anymore, she wore her coat: “Let’s go.”

Song Ting Yu looked at her: “What is the benefit for me to go? How will you reward me?”


“Your brain just full of that kind of thing.” Su Ran rolled her eyes.

But noticing how his face changed because the fever, this moment when she was holding his hand, she felt it was burning. She was a bit feeling sorry for him.

She thought about the many times he took a cold shower. The weather was cold outside, it was no wonder his healthy body could catch a cold….

She was blushing: “You go first to me to the hospital, at night we will discuss it again.”

“What did you say, Su Ran? I couldn’t hear it.” Song Ting Yu asked deliberately.

Su Ran bit her lips, then said out loud: “I said tonight when we are back home then we will talk!” She pulled his arm: “Hurry up follow me to go to hospital, if not…”


“If not? If not what will happen?” Song Ting Yu raised his brows. Yet he stood up from the sofa, wore his coat. Then kissed Su Ran’s cheeks: “I’m cold, I will not infected you.”

Song Ting Yu knew he would explain why he kissed her cheeks, if not by his temper, he definitely would kiss her lips if he didn’t sick.

Su Ran felt her herself to be worried, is Song Ting Yu afraid to be injected?

It was a clear declaration. The time they arrived at the hospital, no matter what, he didn’t want to be injected, he just wanted the medicine.

Yet his temperature was very high, the doctor said that to lower it down, the most effective way is to be injected.

But the moment he heard about the injection, he stood up and went to the door.

Su Ran’s face was a bit embarrassed, she said to the doctor: “Wait for a while, I will urge him.”

With difficulty, finally Su Ran could chase after him: “Song Ting Yu, what are you doing?”


Song Ting Yu used his hand to knock her forehead: “I already said to you right? I don’t want to be injected.”

“It is just a small injection. It will be hurt for a second, very quickly you will be better.” Su Ran urged him with well-meant words.

This man still shook his head.

Su Ran was somewhat irritated: “Wei Xi also doesn’t afraid to be injected, what are you afraid of? You even couldn’t compare yourself to Wei Xi? If you don’t do it, later on I will tell Wei Xi. I feel he should be using this to make fun of you.”

“You dare!”

“If you come her goodly, just try whether I dare or not!” Su Ran’s tone was too powerful, he couldn’t help to repel.

Probably Song Ting Yu’s brain was still in fight. He also didn’t want to be lose from his kid, but this is injection thing. He always afraid of it since childhood, it doesn’t change until now. 

Su Ran gave him again a last warning, of course, also ruthless provocation for him: “Will you do it or not? If not, then tonight don’t say anything!”

Song Ting Yu’s eyes immediately brighten: “You say it, if I do it, then tonight when we go home, you will help me?”


Su Ran was blushing, but now for urging him to get inside, she really didn’t have any way, just nodded: “Right.”

“Let’s go.” Song Ting Yu held her little hand, and went back to the doctor’s office.

Su Ran was a bit speechless: “Why do you be like this, how could your brain is full of those things?”

Song Ting Yu smiled toward her, he didn’t say anything.

When Song Ting Yu still did some IV injection because Su Ran felt it was not early anymore, she went to pick Wei Xi. The time she exited the hospital, she got a call from Xi He. As they were close to the hospital, they offered to send Song Wei Xi there.

Su Ran felt it was a trouble for them: “It will be too troublesome for you….”

“It’s okay, don’t you mention it. You wait for a while, I will be there soon.” Xi He smiled and hung up the phone.


Noticing her return, Song Ting Yu was puzzled: “Didn’t you go to pick Wei Xi up?”

“Xi He said that they are nearby, so now she would send him here.”

Song Ting Yu nodded. “Su Ran, come here and see whether I’m better or not.”

Su Ran came over and covered his forehead with her hand to feel out his temperature: “It feels like it was not as hot as before….”

She said it, then she was surprised. Because Song Ting Yu hugged her and placed her on his thigh.


She was vulgarly sat down inside his embrace. She struggled by bending her waist: “Don’t you move around, it is like, couldn’t you be more quiet?”

“Don’t you move around. Later on you will touch my IV tube.” Song Ting Yu warned her.

Su Ran: “….”

He said it like it was  her mistake.

Luckily they were inside the sickroom, there was no many people went around. If not, Su Ran also wouldn’t let him have his way.

“Tonight when we come back, will we discuss something right? Do you still remember it?”

She rolled his eyes: “I remember. I remember it clearly. You are relieved right? Could you let me go?”


Su Ran struggled, and heard some voice: “Ran Ran, I bring Wei Xi over.”

It was Xi He’s voice.

But the moment she looked the situation inside, she was startled. Except her, there was a very beautiful woman. Su Ran never saw her, it should be the one that Xi He mentioned to be Lu Jing Chen’s Mama.

There were also three little kids: Song Wei Xi, Xi Nuan Nuan and Lu Jing Chen.


Su Ran felt their gaze on her, immediately she noticed that she was still in Song Ting Yu’s embrace. She blushed, and stood up. Luckily Song Ting Yu didn’t stop her, he just let her stand up.

The kids didn’t feel anything awkward because they didn’t understand, but the other two adults, felt a bit embarrassed.

Su Ran coughed lightly and said: “Thank you, you both, for bringing Wei Xi back.”

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  1. Haha.. Yes, isn’t he? If he gets his way every night, I’m sure he would overcome his phobia for needles in no time😆
    Wonder why is Lu Jing Chen’s beautiful mum mentioned?
    Thanks Tang!

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