Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 122

For Me, Other Women are no different than Men (2)

“Su Ran!” She hadn’t finished her word, she was just cut off by him. He narrowed his eyes and leaned over, he placed his tip of bridge in front of her: “What I want is you, is not that kind ice-cold object, that couldn’t able to communicate. I just want you, I couldn’t react to other thing…”


“Nonsense.” Su Ran frowned: “In the past, didn’t you get along just find with Bai Zhi Rui? How could you not be now? Before Bai Zhi Rui, you also had other women…”

“That because I hadn’t met you.”

“When you married me, you also be together with Bai Zhi Rui.” Su Ran smiled.

“That because I hadn’t interacted with you.” He lowered his head and bit her earlobe: “After being together with you, I feel that other women are no different than men in my eyes…”

Su Ran was startled, didn’t able to deny, this words gives some ease toward her heart, also a joy.



Su Ran’s lips crooked up slightly: “No need to say those things, but could you hold for that long time?”

“I should be able, but of course…” Song Ting Yu then smiled with a bit of mischievousness: “But if you could help me, isn’t it better?”

“I know you are able, then just continue to restrain yourself.” Su Ran used her hands to pat his broad shoulder, and immediately laid down on the bed: “I want to sleep, don’t you wake me up. Even though I’m not sleeping, your daughter also needs a sleep. The gift from Tian Mi, if you don’t want to use it, then just placed it there. Tomorrow I will let her to return it.”

“You are going to sleep like this?”

Song Ting Yu was stunned.

Su Ran turned her body that her back was facing Song Ting Yu, she just waved her hands and was too lazy to speak anything else.

Of course, Song Ting Yu was full of anger. He looked at the scissors on the carpet. He took it, and cut the doll, and threw it at the carpet.

Seeing how Su Ran slept so soundly, he also didn’t do anything more, he just entered the bathroom to take a bath.

Of course, in this winter day, he would take a cold shower.

When Su Ran was awake, she noticed the broken doll on the carpet.

She went over and picket it up. She shook her head and sighed, “What a pity.”

She placed the doll inside the box, and prepared to take it to Tian Mi.

She went downstairs, Song Ting Yu also soon after that went downstairs. He looked a bit strange, she hadn’t asked it, Chen Jing already asked: “Ting Yu, what happened? Why do you look a bit pale?”

“It’s nothing.” Song Ting Yu waved his hand: “I will not eat breakfast, I have some matters to attend at the company.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Jing looked at Su Ran: “What happened to Song Ting Yu? Do you know?”

Last night she slept early, when she was awake, he was not there. The time she went downstairs, he was in the bathroom, so she didn’t meet him. It was just before, she also felt his face was not looking so good.


She shook her head.

“What kind of wife you are?”

It was the first time Su Ran heard it from Cheng Jing’s lips, the day before yesterday, she also said it once.

“Chen Jing, regarding this words you looked as if you don’t have qualification to say this?”

Su Ran was a bit startled to hear someone say it because it was not Madame Song who said it. It turned out the one who said it was Song Ming Xuan, who usually was a not really caring.

His tone and eyes were bringing a thick mocking tone.

Regarding the matters at home and Chen Jing’s matter, Song Ming Xuan was not really caring. No matter what did they say, he seemed to be not butt in. Yet didn’t expect that today, he suddenly said those words.

Chen Jing’s face turned sour, at first she wanted to forbear it. But she couldn’t control herself. She stood up and pointed at Song Ming Xuan, she said with fury: “What a kind of wife I am. Song Ming Xuan, you are the one who knows it clearly. You thought I don’t want to care well for you? But have you ever care about me? In your heart, you placed someone inside! Have you ever care about my feeling? I and you already be together for twenty years. But ask yourself, when have you ever look at me in the eyes? I even couldn’t compare to that dead person even for a root of hair….”

“Chen Jing!” Song Ming Xuan’s face was extremely cold, he threw his knife and fork to the table.

Su Ran had never look at that side of Song Ming Xuan. She thought Song Ming Xuan always have a calm personality, he hadn’t have any bad tempers. He didn’t care about anything.

But actually it was not.

At least for now, he looked at his similar features as Song Ting Yu.

Actually Chen Jing was somewhat afraid, but she always someone who didn’t willing to concede. She snorted coldly: “Song Ming Xuan, did I say something wrong?”

“Have you say enough?” Madame Song’s stern voice heard. She slapped the table: “What are you guys doing by standing up? Sit down. To fight in front of your junior, don’t you guys feel embarrassed?”

Chen Jing sat down while panted with rage, yet Song Ming Xuan left with his cold face.

Chen Jing looked at how he left without saying or looking at her. She felt herself to be too pity. All along in her life, actually what she wants a simple. She just wants that the man, who she loves dearly, to love her back. But this man has no heart, no, couldn’t say that he had no heart. It’s just his heart couldn’t find the way home. No matter what she did, she is unable to find it…”

She gradually shed a tear.

Madame Song didn’t stop her, she just said to Su Ran: “Su Ran, bring Song Wei Xi upstairs.”

Su Ran nodded, she didn’t want to intervene with elders’ matter. Moreover, with Madame Song’s temper, clearly she wouldn’t let her know too much.

She took Song Wei Xi upstairs, then she heard faintly of Chen Jing’s cry and Madame Song’s voice. She didn’t listen to it.

Originally Su Ran thought that Song Wei Xi hadn’t gone outside for a long time. She wanted to take him out for awhile. So this little guy wanted to go to his friends’s house to play.

Su Ran noticed his excitement, she thought he knew new friends. When she asked, she knew that  he wanted to go to Xi Nuan Nuan’s house.

Su Ran was a bit puzzled. Didn’t Song Wei Xi rarely go to Xi Nuo Nuo’s house? He always said that Xi Nuan Nuan loves to cry. He didn’t like to be together with her, but now?

“In Xi Nuan Nuan’s house, there is another friends.”

Su Ran smiled: “A boy or a girl?”

“A boy.”

“O~~” Su Ran in a flash understood: “So it’s actually a boy….”

“Mama!” Song Wei Xi frowned his little nose.

Su Ran also didn’t expose him anymore. She helped him to wear thick clothes, and held his hands to go outside: “What is the name of that boy?”

“I’ve never met him, yet I heard from Xi Nuo Nuo it is Lu Jing Chen.”

4 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 122”

  1. “…..I even couldn’t compare to that dead person even for a root of hair….” her words to her husband, ‘that dead person’.
    Mmm ….. suspicious. I suspect, Song Ming Xuan ever had another woman, and that woman had died long ago. ‘Song Ting Yu’s biological mother’, maybe. If it’s true, it’s natural that she doesn’t like Wei Xi. Just my assumption, hehehehe…..


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