Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 116

It looks like now, perhaps I should thank him

Su Ran’s mind came back from that year, four years ago, there was some troubles happened. Su Hao couldn’t get money from anyone, so at last he planned something on his daughter. He is fond of Su Lai, so at last he used Su Ran. Actually originally he just wanted to extort a sum of money from Song family, but afterwards she was pregnant because of that night, so he just changed his plan. He insisted that Song family took Su Ran as their part of family, and gave some compensation to Su family.


Song Ting Yu clasped Su Ran’s face, his eyes was concentrated fully on her: “Tell me what did really happen that year.”

Su Ran looked at him, she didn’t avoid his gaze: “Will you believe my words?”

“I will, if it’s you who say it then I will.”

She couldn’t deny that this moment her heart was impacted greatly because of his simple words.

She just understands that Song Ting Yu’s trust actually matters too much for herself.

Su Ran moved her hair behind her ears, then said softly: “I also just knew it was my father’s doing after that thing happened. You were schemed by him, actually I also was schemed by him. He put same drugs on….”

That time Su family arranged a so-what banquet. That year toward Su family, Song Ting Yu always had a bad feeling, naturally he wouldn’t willing to join it. But Madame Song thought since Su family already invited and they both are in the same business, so it was unavoidable for them to respect each other for their maybe would have some cooperation later on. Therefore for not embarrassing Su family, she asked Song Ting Yu to come for a moment.

They didn’t expect at all that the banquet actually was planned for Su Ran and Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu planned to stay there for a short time, he felt it was a waste of time to join that kind of social interaction. The moment he arrived, Su Hao just pulled him to the front of Su Ran. As planned, the waiter was serving out the wine to them, Su Hao took the glass and passed to both Su Ran and Song Ting Yu.

He toasted Song Ting Yu, then said to Su Ran: “Ran Ran, do some toast to Mr Song>”

Su Ran was also forced to attend this banquet. Before the banquet, Su Hao especially hired a make-up artist and stylist to dress her up. She wore a gold thin dress and high heels. The stylist thought for showing off her slender legs, she let her to wear a quite sexy dress that fell on her knees. She wore this dress, she felt somewhat uncomfortable. Now she was pulled by Su Hao, she understood his meaning. She just thought that Su Hao was too naive, Song Ting Yu had a girlfriend. He and his girlfriend always appeared together, that woman is the female celebrity, Bai Zhi Rui. How could he like her?

Moreover, it was also not the first time for Su Hao to force her to meet Song Ting Yu. Last time, he disdained her. Su Ran really didn’t understand, why does he have perseverance for any things, but this solely unflagging efforts!

Then without saying anything, she just raised her wine glass: “Mr Song, I salute you.”

Not long time after she drank the wine, she started to feel dizzy and a bit hot. She felt really uncomfortable, she couldn’t sit still, her heart was jittery. She couldn’t describe what had happened to her.

She sat down to rest, then Su Hao came over, and pretended to be worry: “Are you drunk?”

Su Ran rarely drinks alcohol, also never being drunk, so she couldn’t determine whether she was drunk or not. “Pa, I’m very uncomfortable, I want to go up to my room….”

She tried to stand up, yet her vision started to be fuzzy.

“Okay, if you are sick that just go back to your room to rest. Could you go up like this? I let someone to bring you up.” That time Su Hao’s voice sounded to be excited, but Su Ran couldn’t really think as she already felt so in pain.

She was taken upstairs, and went back to her room.

Although it was summer, the room was full with the coldness of the air conditioner, but she couldn’t understand how could her body feel so hot?


She busily stripped off the dress, and threw it to the carpet. Then she got on her bed.

Because all along she felt uncomfortable, she actually couldn’t sleep. Yet she could know that her conscious and thinking already gradually unclear. When she looked at things, it turned to be overlapping images.

Her breath was rushed.

Not know for how long, her room was opened by someone. Someone was getting inside her room, she also didn’t have the heart to think who was getting inside.

She just felt a bit unbearable, like she almost wanted to die.

Someone who got inside, laid down on her bed. At the beginning they both laid down in the harmony on each side, but at last didn’t know who started to move first. In any case the moment their lips touched, they started to kiss fiercely. Very quickly, they both were out of their clothes.

The next day, they were awake because of the movement from outside.

Su Ran opened her eyes and felt somewhat dazed, she looked there was a lot of people standing in front the door: Su Lai, Qiao Qing, Su Hao, also the maids, butlers. All of them were there.

The moment someone called in surprise, “Su Ran.”

Su Hao forced everyone to leave at once with his pretended gloomy face. He locked the door, and said: “Both of you, immediately wear your clothes!”

Song Ting Yu also awake, his handsome face was full of teasing expression: “I really didn’t expect, Su Ran. You are still young, yet unexpectedly you already full of schemes. For getting to by bed, you would do something like that.”

In Song Ting Yu’s mind, Su Ran was Su Hao’s partner in crime.

Song Ting Yu never being a victim of a schemes, he was furious but not felt surprised.

Su Ran noticed her nakedness, and the redness on the bed. She already knew clearly what happened. She also knew that this happened because of her so-called father.

He was planning something on them, and he showed a bitter and hateful expression.

They put on their clothes, and Su Hao kept on pretending to be an affectionate father, he let Song Ting Yu came back and thought about the compensation to Su family.

It’s pity that before he finished his words, Song Ting Yu already turned his body to leave.


Su Hao noticed Song Ting Yu couldn’t be controlled, so he planned to involve the whole Song family. Several days after that day, he brought Su Ran to Song family. It was happening for a month, until Su Ran was pregnant.

Until now when Su Ran remembered what had happened, she wished that she could grasp Su Hao and asked, “Why could you be so shameless that you chose that kind of pathway?”

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  1. Ain’t know it’s a serious chapter but your gifs are so seriously funny! 😂😂
    I loved them…love your humour too Tang! Thanks for a nice start to my day😘

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