Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 115

You see her as a gem, what does she see you as? (2)

Su Ran nodded, and somewhat puzzled, could he have anything more to say?

“Then it’s my turn.” Song Ting Yu looked at Su Lai: “You like me?”

This moment Su Lai’s face looked very brilliant, felt herself full of confusion. She wanted to nod, but also wanted to shake her head, it was like an intense battle. At last she finally nodded: “Yes, so I did all of these things, I was silly for a moment.”

Song Ting Yu had a big laugh: “Have you never look at the mirror? Don’t you know how do you look like? What is your qualification for liking me?”

“Song Ting Yu, you….” Su Lai also has a Miss High and Mighty attitude, she already felt she was wronged, and now she was humiliated in front of them. She couldn’t bear it anymore: “Don’t you bully people too much. I tell you, Song Ting Yu, I don’t know that you are blind or not that you will like Su Ran. You think she has something good? Now you are so caring and protective of her, but do you know whether she has you inside he heart? She has been together with Lin Cheng Huan for eight years, if not for My Papa’s intervention, she already be with Lin Cheng Huan. Even if now you could determine that she didn’t be together with Lin Cheng Huan? It was her that said that wait until Wei Xi’s illness is turning better, she would divorce you. Then be together with Lin Cheng Huan. You see her a gem, then what does she you as?”

Su Lai still wanted to say everything out loud, but suddenly she felt her face was splashed with a cup of alcohol, the alcohol wet her necks and fell to her dress, it made her dress all wet. She closed her eyes, used her hand to wipe it off. The time she opened her eyes, she was faced with a pair of cold eyes that let people trembled.

Song Ting Yu once again splashed a cup of alcohol to her face.

“It’s my problem with Su Ran, when is it starting to be your turn to meddle around ours?”

Song Ting Yu smiled dangerously, Su Lai forgot to respond when she saw his smile. She felt a bit afraid, so this moment her body was somewhat shivering.

“I….I just said the truth….”

“I see you are not only amnesia, you even couldn’t say the word. You couldn’t say it, do you need me to teach you how to say it?”

Although Su Lai didn’t know what he meant by “teach….” would mean what kind of teaching, but it definitely wouldn’t be a good way, because now his eyes looked very frightening.

“No need… No need….”

“Then you say it by yourself.”

“What do you want?” Su Lai felt a bit wronged and sad, so her eyes were turning red. She was about to cry.

“You slapped your own face, use your energy. Slap your face until I am satisfied. If you couldn’t do it with your hand, then I don’t mind to let people help you to do the job.” Song Ting Yu’s thin lips opened slightly.

Su Lai never expected that Song Ting Yu would ask her to do something like that. Her tear was almost falling down: “Ting Yu, you just let me go. I will never do it again, I really will not do it again….”

She extended her hands because she wanted to grab his hand to beg, yet his eyes was full of warning, it made her stiff. She then looked at Su Ran: “Su Ran, I beg you. Please let Song Ting Yu let go of me. I guarantee later on I will never do something like this, I will not say something like this too.”

Noticing Su Ran didn’t say anything, she also wanted to hold her hands. However, when she almost touched her hand, she was pushed away that she retreated a few steps back.

Song Ting Yu protected Su Ran by placing behind him, his handsome face looked a bit gloomy: “Who allow you to touch her?”


“Will you slap or not?”

Su Lai knew that she didn’t have a way out, if she didn’t do according Song Ting Yu’s will, then she couldn’t get out fo this door, moreover, she couldn’t be in peaceful life.

“I slap, I slap, okay?” She cried loudly, and raised her right hand up, and slapped her face. She felt a kind of heartache when it touched her face.

“Continue, and moreover your strength is not strong enough. I want you to slap ruthlessly.

Su Lai bit her lips, she was cried while slapping her face. She just heard a repeated slapping sound inside the room.

Very quickly, Su Lai’s white face already be swollen red, she just slapped her one side of cheeks. She almost unable to endure it, so she changed to the other side and continued.

She didn’t know how many times had she slapped her face, she felt her both arms was a bit numb, and her both cheeks were hurting very much.

She cried until her make up was smeared, where did her exquisite appearance gone?

“Okay.” Su Ran said, she looked at Su Lai, “You do one’s best, you let Pa to not plan anything horrible. If he wants something, he should relies on his own ability. If he doesn’t have the ability, then even he could get it, he also couldn’t do anything with it.”

She said it, then wore her big coat, took her things, then looked at Song Ting Yu: “Let’s go.”

Song TIng Yu nodded, he settled the bill, and hugged her shoulder and went outside. No one looked at Su Lai again.

Su Lai looked at their back, she covered her face. When the waiter came to tidy up the things, she was surprised to look at Su Lai’s appearance.

“Su Ran, I will not let you have a happy life. For my grievance today, I would give you back double.”

Song Ting Yu took Su Ran to leave the restaurant by car.

The time they inside the car, Su Ran fastened her seatbelt, she felt her body was hugged by spacious and warmth embrace. Song Ting Yu used his hand to support her back of head, hugged her tightly.

Su Ran was startled: “What happened?”

Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything just hugged her.

Su Ran remembered Su Lai’s word before: “Do you very mind of what Su Lai said about me and lI Cheng Huan? I’ve been knowing Lin Cheng Huan since our childhood. In my heart, he is my relative and friends. It is not like what Su Lai said. Song Ting Yu, don’t you always bring him to our problem? Could you not doubt me?

Song Ting Yu kissed her side face, and as before didn’t let her go: “I just think about Su Lai’s words, yet I don’t think about your relationships with Lin Cheng Huan.”

Su Ran was startled again: “What are you thinking?”

Song Ting Yu finally released her, he looked at her bright eyes: “Su Lai said that year because of your father, you be together with me?”

He paused then said: “That year did you…”

Su Ran pushed his hand away, and somewhat teasing: “That year in your heart, perhaps you always think, that for be with you, I can do everything, right?”

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  1. Su Lai is aware that Ting Yu is not interested in her.But, she will find some way to retaliate against Su Ran,I know Su Lai is not through with her bad actions


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