Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 114

You see her as a gem, what does she see you as? (1)

“I….” Su Lai was speechless when she was interrogated by Song Ting Yu. She even kept on looking on Su Ran, she expected that now Su Ran could help her to say something. Yet Su Ran just used her hand to support her chin and looked at them, she seemed to be enjoying the drama.

Su Lai knew than she couldn’t hope for Su Ran, she also could understood clearly now that he asked her out to together for dinner for asking her about what happened that day.

This moment Su Lai had a kind of premonition, she thought today was not a good day for her.

“Before I just forgot for a while….”Su Lai lowered her head, didn’t dare to look at Song Ting Yu’s eyes.

Song Ting Yu made fun of her by crooked up his lips: “You just twenty nine years old, how could in this young age you have amnesia?”

When Song Ting Yu wanted to be against to you, he always able to draw blood on the first prick, moreover, his words were so harsh that it couldn’t be tackled.

Su Ran already noticed Su Lai’s face was getting more ugly, she didn’t say any sentences completely.

Song Ting Yu pulled out his chair, and started to sit down again. He swept a glance to Su Lai: “Su Lai, I will ask you one more time. Did you call Su Ran that night?”

The matter already got into this part, even though Su Lai didn’t want to admit, but she knew, she needed to admit. If she didn’t admit it, she would get a bad consequences.

Song Ting Yu clearly looked prepared, even though she didn’t admit it, in a while he definitely would show out evidences. That time she would be in trouble.

“I took your phone and called Su Ran.” Su Lai endured her worries.” She raised her head.

“You are quite awesome.” Song Ting Yu leaned back on his chair: “also quite shameless.”

Su Lai’s face was paled.

It was her first time to hear someone said something about herself that way, no matter how she also a daughter of Su family. When other people see her and meet her, most of them would respectful of her. They would compliment her for her appearance, when had she ever received this kind of treatment?

“How did you get inside that night? Did you seize the opportunity to get in when I was going to the bathroom?” Actually from the start, Song Ting Yu already thought of the way how could Su Lai could get hold of his phone. It could only be the time he left the private room to go to the restroom. He left his phone there, how could she get hold of her phone in other time?

“Yes, just at the time you left for restroom. That time I noticed you were walking on the corridor. I looked there was no one inside your private room, so I just….” Su Lai said until this part, then her voice already full of sob: “Ting Yu, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it in purpose, I just….”

Song Ting Yu waved his hand, his long finger pointed at Su Ran: “You should apologize to her, because your call, it let her jealousy to splatter around. She couldn’t get a sleep, and didn’t have any appetite…”

This man was too shameless!

“Song Ting Yu!” Su Ran called him in a low voice, hated to be unable to cover his mouth: “When did my jealousy splatter around?”

“Don’t tell me is not?” Song Ting Yu turned his head, raised his eyebrow, and used his hand to pat her cheeks: “Be good, don’t be too embarrassed to admit it. Su Lai will not laugh at you, I will not.”

Su Lai looked at both of them, she felt herself to unable to stay here any longer. This both people acted as though there were nobody else here, they were very much in love. They really didn’t regard her existence, moreover, now her action was exposed by Song Ting Yu, she felt in her heart to be tormented.

The time Su Lai was thinking and indulging in her thought, suddenly a cold voice said: “You still don’t want to apologize? Until when will you do it?”

Su Lai opened her eyes big and looked Su Ran. Actually she never said those words to Su Ran. Since she was little, she always looked down at her, now he asked her to apologize?

It was too hard.

She looked forward to Su Ran’s waved hand to say “no need.” But this moment Su Ran just looked at her expectantly, smiled at her. She seemed to be waiting for her apology.

“Sorry, Su Ran.”

Su Ran still smiled: “Sis, before your voice was too small, I couldn’t hear it.”

“….!” Su Lai was so angry that she glared at Su Ran, yet she knew Song Ting Yu was here, so she had no way out. Therefore, she could said in loud voice: “I said I’m sorry, Su Ran. Last night I shouldn’t take Song Ting Yu’s phone to call you, I shouldn’t lie to you….”

“Why did you lie to me?” Su Ran pretended to be confused, and suddenly realized: “I know, because you want to use his phone to instigate disharmony between us. I forget that time in Huai Hai something like this was also happening. Didn’t you deliberately fall into his embrace? At last you were not success, now you are still not giving up? You are still planning something?

Su Lai’s face was getting paler as she heard Su Ran’s words, she was unable to hold her emotion: “Su Ran, don’t you be overreacting.”

“Now really who is too over?” Su Ran smiled and asked back: “Sis, I remembered when you are little you are not that kind of person, how could you now be someone that is shameless? You even want to seduce your own brother-in-law? If I give you a chance, would you without hesitant stripped naked and climbed to Song Ting Yu’s bed…”

“Stop!” Song Ting Yu coughed for several time: “Su Ran, now your talking should be somewhat considerate to my feeling.”

“Don’t you interrupt.” Su Ran glared at him.

Song Ting Yu shrugged his shoulder, indeed didn’t say anything. Su Ran then looked at Su Lai again: “I know that from little you always look down at me. You always want to take my things. But please be understanding, if you are too crafty, the things get no meaning. Besides, not all people could be played by you.

Su Ran is just younger by Su Lai for a year. She entered Su house when she was just around ten years old. That time Su Lai was standing on the stairs, wore a arrogant princess dress, and looked arrogantly at her.

She always looked down and snatched her things.

Probably because of this factor, so now she wanted to get Song Ting Yu.

Su Lai felt now she was like a criminal being exposed of her sin. Moreover, she couldn’t retort.

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran, and smiled: “Are you done?”

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