Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛-Chapter 107

Enough Kisses (2)

In this narrow spaces there were just two of them, before the elevator’s door opened again, she looked at Song Ting Yu’s hand which was clutching tight her hand, so she lowered her head to bit his hand.

She thought by feeling the hurt, he would let go of her hand, but he apparently didn’t feel anything, instead he turned his head, and said cooly: “Please, continue.”

His little arm was sturdy, Su Ran continued to bite it, instead she felt her teeth feel the hurt. Of course she would not be a stupid girl that continued to bite him.

The elevator’s was opened, Song Ting Yu looked at her unwillingness to move, he crooked his lip up coldly, then when she wasn’t responded yet, he bent his waist to carry her.

“Song Ting Yu, what are you doing? There is a lot of people here, put me down. I could walk by myself.

Before along the corridor there was not a lot of people, they were about to reach the lobby which would definitely be full of more people. There would be a lot of people was waiting for their number, doctors, nurse, sick people, family members of sick people, all various of people.

Su Ran and Song Ting Yu without doubt had been the focus of their attention.

Su Ran used her fist to punch Song Ting Yu’s back, let him to let her go yet he didn’t move.

All along he carried her toward the parking lot, he pressed his car remote to open the car, then placed her on the seat beside the driver. For avoiding her getting off the car, he quickly sat down and locked the door. This time, how could she able to run away?

Su Ran were full of rage and she was looking at the man beside her: “Song Ting Yu, you are really unreasonable man.”

“Really?” Song Ting Yu took off his coat, and threw it to the backseat. Su Ran thought that he would not say anything and would drive the car and leave yet after a second, she thought wrongly.

Because Song Ting Yu suddenly bent his body over, he extended his hand to hold her shoulder. With one hand supported her nape, his thin lips quickly covered her red lips.

Su Ran really loathed at how he always solves problem this way, so when she started to respond, she just frowned and pushed him away. But it was ineffective. He raised his hand, that time Song Ting Yu gripped her wrist: “Have you become addicted to hit me?”

“Are you feel enough with the kiss?”

Su Ran pushed away his hand, and took the opportunity when he hadn’t responded to push him away. Then she fastened her seatbelt: “If you enough with the kisses, then could you drive the car? I want to go home.”

“Su Ran, there is time I really want to kill you?” Song Ting Yu’s voice brought an ager. The hands that he placed on the steering wheel started to bulge its veins.

He clutched his hand to fists, then put on his forehead. He closed his eyes, apparently tried to calm himself down.

“Don’t you use your lips that just kissed another woman to kiss me.” Su Ran’s voice didn’t bring any kind of feeling.

Song Ting Yu turned his body, then pointed at her: “Su Ran, once again you resent me dirty? In the past why didn’t I see you resent me because I’m dirty? Now when everything is going well, practically everyday you resent me dirty?”

Su Ra also looked toward him, with her calm eyes: “I always resent you dirty.”

Song Ting Yu felt his anger was boiling, moreover, it couldn’t be calmed down.

“Su Ran, didn’t you also kissed bY LIn Cheng Huan, so, what are you pretending in front of me? Perhaps that was not the first time, don’t you guys are childhood sweethearts? Maybe from the start you already are together, holding hands, kisses, what else? Maybe…”

“Song Ting Yu, enough!”

Su Ran said it with the stern voice, her eyes were red. She was so mad, she used her hand to open the car door: “Open the door, Song Ting Yu. I want you to open the door….”

She didn’t want to stay at the same place as this man even for a moment. She felt if she still here for a second, then it would same as a second for her to choke.

Her eyes were red, let Song Ting Yu’s heart to be pricked too. He just realized during that raging temper he said something really bad.

“Anyway in your heart, I always be the bad one. You and me are together because we want to save Wei Xi. Now the duty is fulfilled, since you regarded me as dirty then don’t go near me okay? Yet Song Ting Yu, why do you always appear in front of me? Why don’t you leave me alone faraway? Don’t you appear in front of me and disturb my life okay? I want a peaceful life, don’t want to always be in fight with you, so please let me trouble you just regard me as an invisible one, okay? The moment the kid is born, Wei Xi’s condition is stable. I will leave, okay? Song Ting Yu, are you satisfied? If you don’t satisfy then can you tell me?” Su Ran felt she was in lost of oxygen, and felt somewhat unbearable. The moment she said something like that, her tears were falling one by one continuously. It fell on her face, she used her back of hand to wip eit.

Song Ting Yu wanted to extend his hand to wipe her tears clean, yet his hand was pushed away by her: “Don’t you touch me…..”

Her voice was soft, yet sounded a bit decisive.

Song Ting Yu’s hand was stiff, unable to move.

“Su Ran…”

“Open the door.” Su Ran used her hand to open the door once again. He didn’t move, she undid her seatbelt, inclined her body to pressed the open button, then she got off the car and close the door.

She followed the path of the parking roadside, then ran outside. It already passed the rush hour, so now the traffic was not really crowded.

Upon seeing this, Song Ting Yu drove the car hurriedly to chase after her, yet Su Ran already passed the traffic light, and passed through the small through on the opposite side. He drove his car and it was convenient to chase after her by car. She was walking in the pedestrian street, in a while she could disappear in front of him.

He had to hurriedly look for a place to stop his car, then followed to the inside of the subway. It was a crowded place, it was a sea of people.

Song Ting Yu didn’t able to look for Su Ran’s slender figure.

He remembered today she wore a camel color coat, so he searched for every directions for her figure, but he couldn’t see clearly.

He took his phone out and dialed her, but it was ringing in the moment, and hung up.

He tried to call again but now it was turned off.

Song Ting Yu was really worried, he also didn’t know which train would she be on. There was a lot of people here, would she be squeezed?

Now inside his mind was full of her words, and her teary face.

It was the first time for him to feel this upset mood.

In front of Su Ran, he always viewed as someone who couldn’t control himself because his mood could provoked easily by her, even if he wanted to press this kind of mood, yet it was exceptionally difficult to do.

Su Ran switched off her phone, didn’t want to hear his call. So now he could only drive back home, yet when he got back, Su Ran was not home.


4 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛-Chapter 107”

    1. Honestly me too. These two needs to sit the fuck down and have an actual civil conversation without the micro jabs at each other. But the most important thing is they need to define where they want this relationship to go (we know where it’s going) and ACTUALLY try to trust each other. But knowing the history of their relationship, this is going to be a long road to happily ever after.


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