Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 105

Indeed in your heart, there is not a bit of my existence

Tang Zi Chu nodded his head, turned his body to levae.

Song Ting Yu’s capacity for liquor is quite good. Last time when he was out with Lu Zhan to drink, he also didn’t get drunk. He only went to the sofa and closed his eyes, he didn’t want to move his body. Then he heard Lu Zhan called Su Ran, he became even more unwilling to move, all along he waited for Su Ran to take him home.

Tonight would she come to bring him home?

It may not happen?

Song Ting Yu’s long finger held his bow tie, and loosed it. He threw it on the sofa.

“I say how could you be like this? How could you wear something this little and be in that remote road? Your car? Were you being rob?” An alluring women with ten centimeter heels looked at Su Lai, and jeered at her.

“This couldn’t be explained clearly by two words, next time I would say it to you….”

Su Lai’s voice suddenly stopped, because she looked at the VIP private room in front, a tall figure went out of the room.

That man wore a black suit, and white shirt.

Su Lai didn’t need to think to guess who was that.

She didn’t expect that see Song Ting Yu here.

The moment he went out, because she was recalling what did he do before, so she turned her body, she was afraid that he would recognize her.

Yet Song Ting Yu clearly didn’t look at their side, directly went somewhere.

Noticing her silence, a woman said: “What happened? Quickly come here, everyone is waiting for us.”

“You go there first, I will be here for while.”

Su Lai regained her control, and pushed that woman’s shoulder for a while.

“What are you doing?” That woman frowned: “Then you be hurry, if not tonight wouldn’t prepare for your part.”

She said, then that woman left.

After her friend left, she glanced to left and right for a while, determined that was no one around. She turned the door of the private room open and got inside.

There was no one inside the room, actually Su Lai knew this from the start.

Song Ting Yu’s suit and coat were placed on the sofa, on the table there was a lot of empty bottles and cigarette butts. It was obvious that there were a lot of people here before, but now everyone was leaving, just Song Ting Yu left here.

On the sofa there was Song Ting Yu’s phone, Su Lai took the phone, and dialed a number.

The time the phone rang, Su Ran already laid down on the bed. She didn’t have any sleepiness, she kept on tossing and turning.

She took the phone, and looked that it was Song Ting Yu’s number. She was startled for a while, her slender finger were hesitating, then pushed the answer button.

She thought on the phone would be deep voice, but she thought of it wrongly. Then it was a woman’s voice, moreover it was Su Lai’s voice.

She asked: “Ran Ran, Ting Yu is drunk, will you come over and pick him up?”

This moment, Su Ran suddenly felt her heart was being pinned. She massaged her heart position: “Is you not drunk? You can send him home.”

“I also drink quite a lot of alcohol, yet I’m not as drunk as him. Recently the polices were getting stricter, I also afraid to be caught. It would be too troublesome, so after drinking I wouldn’t drive car.” Su Lai said, her voice brought some embarrassment: “Nevertheless just let it be, don’t you come. Ting Yu said that tonight he don’t want to go home. I will hang up first….”

Su Lai said it, then hung up the phone hurriedly.

Su Ran heard the disconnected sound, then placed the phone slowly. Su Lai was doing it in the purpose, how could she don’t know about it?

Although Song Ting Yu unlikely to go so far as to she spoke, drink until he completely drunk, but his phone was on her hand, no matter what, at least it could prove they were in the same place, they were together.

Su Ran didn’t want herself to be too influenced by him, this for her wouldn’t have a benefit. IF now she be so feel unwell and take offense, then what about in the future?

She threw her phone to the bedside cabinet, and laid down again. She pulled her blanket. Originally she wanted to close her eyes to sleep, yet her mind was still full of her call with Su Lai.

She thought, even if she didn’t willing to admit, yet she still need to admit, Song Ting Yu’s influence toward him is quite big.

Her mood, actually would change because of his action.

Su Lai hung up the phone proudly, and erased Su Ran’s phone from the contact log. Then she placed the phone to its former place. She left the place cautiously.

Originally she only wanted to look around whether she could take anything of Song Ting Yu’s things, like handkerchief or other things. So that time she could return it to Su Ran as a prove of their togetherness. But looking of his phone, then she thought of other idea.

Using Song Ting Yu’s phone to call Su Ran, it is the most direct and efficient way.

She always doesn’t like Su Ran to be placed above her, yet this recent she already spoke humbly under her breath to Su Ran, but her attitude was arrogant toward her, so how could she didn’t hate it?

Doing this, at least it could be an attack for Su Ran. Actually she could notice, Su Ran also cares about Song Ting Yu even for a bit.

Song Ting Yu just went to the restroom, actually inside his private room before there was a restroom, but because of that group of men, somewhat a bit repulsive that they took women inside to play.

So now the restroom was not clean, it was in a mess.

Song Ting Yu didn’t want to get inside that kind of place, so he chose to go to the restroom outside.

After he returned he directly laid down on the sofa, looked at his wrist watch, it was eleven o’clock. He then took his phone. He remembered well Su Ran’s mobile number so he could pressed it quickly. He then dialed her.

This moment he couldn’t control himself, he thought, it would be okay to just hear her voice.

During the connecting time, his heart was so nervous that he found it to be ridiculous, and extremely funny. He thought when did he start to have that kind of feeling?

4 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 105”

  1. There are already so many misunderstanding between them both now this one. The problem with this two is they don’t sit down and talk..they just know to avoid it or assume each other doing the wrong things to one another. Guys please sit down and talk like adults should….instead of, assuming the worst.


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