Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 102

The Reality is so Absurd (2)

Su Ran was startled for a while, of course she knew clearly that is what Qiao Qing said to him, it was when Qiao Qing asked the condition between her and Song Ting Yu, without thinking of the matter throughly, she mentioned it once. She didn’t expect that Qiao Qing would tell this word to Su Hao.

“Regarding for my matter, you don’t need to care about it.”

Su Ran knew that there is never a good thing when Su Hao looked for her, he always wants to have some advantage from her. Supposedly he thought that if she leaves Song family, it means that he wouldn’t able to gain any benefit, so he wants to stopped her.

“How could you speak like that to me? I am you father, how could I don’t care about you?” Su Hao was getting impatient.

“My father? You also have time to think that you are my father? When had you ever think yourself as my father?” Su Ran felt it so ridiculous, so she laughed.

“That year if it wasn’t me, you think you could live like this?”

“Don’t say that so pleasantly, for me? You just did it for yourself, for your business, for your wealth, you could do anything right? It’s worthwhile to send me to a man’s bed? If killing me will give you a huge amount of money, I’m afraid without any hesitation you will do it?”


Su Hao was burned with anger, he raised his hand, and almost slapped Su Ran. Su Ran also didn’t have any bit intention to dodge from it, instead she moved closer: “Slap it. Slap it here, it is the best.”

Finally Su Hao put down his hand furiously: “Su Ran, I just know that you are someone who forgets favors and violate justice. Your life is given by me, how could your act this way? How about asking you to help me a bit? You ask yourself, you got into So family for these years, for me, for Su family what have you done? I know this moment you want to leave, to be together with Lin Cheng Huan. Yet that Song family, this gold mine, I couldn’t let go…”


This time Su Hao didn’t say anything else, he looked toward the doorway, a figure entered the room.

It was Su Lai.

In a split second, Su Ran apparently understand this, because this moment in her brain, she thought about an idea, yet she felt it was unbelievable.

This is too absurd.

Su Lai’s beautiful face was somewhat red, she went over: “Pa.”

Immediately she looked at Su Ran: “Ran Ran, don’t you say something like that to Papa. Let’s have a good chat.”

She said it while pulled Su Ran to the sofa to sit down. She sat down beside Su Ran: “I believe you still remember thing happen in Huai Hai, you also understand my worry. Originally four years ago, Song Ting Yu should be mine, it just that time my mind was muddled, and puzzled because of that bastard, so I gave you a chance let you be together with me. But I know actually you also don’t love him, right? The one you like is Lin Cheng Huan right?”

Su Ran just looked at her coldly, didn’t say anything. She really wanted to know, what else would she said?

“I know that you planned to get a divorce after Song Wei Xi’s recover? You want to get a divorce then be together with Lin Cheng Huan right?” Su Lai didn’t wait for her response, she just continued: “Lin Cheng Huan is a good man, at least you are both love each other. You don’t love Song Ting Yu, why you should be together with him? Since you want to get divorce with him, but you need to have a kid to save Song Wei Xi. Now you are pregnant, the duty is complete. After Song Wei Xi recovers, you guys could divorce. But Ran Ran, I like Song Ting Yu, since you want to get divorce with him. Then you just help me, to be together with him okay? That way I could enter the Song family, that time the family would be taken care by me.”

She said it then Su Lai and Su Hao, this father and daughter, looked at her with their full of hope gaze.

Su Ran already felt it is so ridiculous that she was unable to laugh, when she thought about it by herself, she felt herself to be so absurd, but the reality is so absurd.

So it turns out this both father and daughter had this intention.

Su Ran smiled slightly, and her face showed some mockery: “I always think that this melodramatic would only happen on the novel or movie, yet actually it happens in front of me.

“You guys simply let me feel disgusted that I want to vomit?” She pointed at them both, she didn’t willing to stay any longer, she stood up to want to leave.

Yet Su Lai quickly pulled her to stop: “Su Ran, don’t you be too over! Why? It’s you who said that you want to get the divorce? Are you not willing to let go? You want to step in two both? Now I just want you to help me, why? The man that you give up, couldn’t I touch it?”

Su Ran pushed away her hands powerfully, she really felt disgusted to the bottom to her heart. “I just don’t have the ability to help you. You need to depend on yourself. Last time didn’t you have throw yourself to his arm? Yet it was a pity, that it was unsuccessful, or not you could try. This time be naked in front of him, how is it?”

“Su Ran, you….”

Originally Su Lai was felt a bit brooding because Su Ran saw it. This time heard her to say something like this, naturally she unable to restrain her rage. She still wanted to extend her hand to stop Su Ran. But Su Ran looked at her coldly: “Su Lai, just try if you dare to touch me. If the kid inside me has something bad happen, I want to see whether you able to stay here in An City.”

Hearing this, Su Lai didn’t dare to move carelessly even she so loathed Su Ran. She knew that Song Wei Xi is so important to Song family, if this kid had something that Song family wouldn’t go easy on her.

Su Ran didn’t willing to stay here anymore, she opened the door and went down.

The time she went downstairs, Qiao Qing was going out from the kitchen: “Ran Ran, are you leaving? Stay to eat the dinner.”

“No, I still have something to do. Ma, you take a good care of yourself.”

“Ran Ran….” Qiao Qing knew that she was in fight with Su Hao. She also didn’t want this to happen. Every time Su Ran was not obeying him, Su Hao would turn his rage on Qiao Qing that he ignored her for a few days.

“Don’t go, you also don’t want Mama to be in a problem right? Just see it as my request….”

This moment Su Ran was so angry, she said: “Why you always just think of your most beloved man, why you never think of me?”

This sentence let Qiao Qing’s expression to be stiffed.

This moment, they heard: “Ting Yu, you come.”

Su Ran’s gaze moved to see a tall man figure got inside. He passed her, but didn’t say anything to her.

9 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 102”

  1. Hi Tang. Chapter 101 seems to be missing.
    This Su family is so twisted! It must be Su Ran’s accumulated good karma from previous lifetimes to be so sensible and sane now.

    Thanks Tang!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Su father’s and Su sister’s minds are so twisted and greedy beyond jokes. I know Su Ran’s mom’s mind is not quite right, hang on a minute….Qiao Qing’s mind is just as twisted as Su Hao and Su Lai…only thinking of themselves but never once thought of Su Ran. I know Su Ran cares for her mom but really to this extend. This three selfish people on think of themselves but never of others. I definitely will not blamed you if or when you decide to leave your so called mentally sick mother or heartless and greedy father and stepsister…They are all delusional in their own little world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The only way to survive is for her to move away from her family. All of them bonded by blood, yet, Su Ran is like a tool set aside to use when they want to without regard for any problems she may incur.
      I wonder what reason Ting Yu came to see his in-laws. I hope it’s to tell them to back off


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