Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Are you certain that this is not only desire to possess? (1)

Tian Mi was startled for a while, she hurriedly wore her coat and passed Lin Cheng Huan’s coat to him: “Let’s go, let us also go down from the mountain, Song Ting Yu carried Su Ran to leave. Let us stay behind to take care of them.

After all, yesterday night there was heavy snow outside, moreover now the weather also not really bright, it’s will be bad if something happen.

Lin Cheng Huan also didn’t sleep last night, his face looked thin and pallid, his lips was somewhat paled. He nodded, and took the coat. Then they both went out.

Song Ting Yu left with Su Ran on his back, while Tian Mi and Lin Cheng Huan followed behind them. They went down of the mountain slowly. When they arrived at the bottom of the mountain, they noticed their car was deeply covered by the snow.

Song Ting Yu put down Su Ran, and looked at Tian Mi: “Please support her for a while.”

He searched for a piece of paper and swept all the snow on the car, and switched on the heater. He let the car to be warm, and went over to carry Su Ran to the inside of the car, then he also got on the car and drove away.

Tian Mi pulled Lin Cheng Huan’s arm: “Don’t you worry, Ran Ran will be okay. It’s you, go home. Yesterday auntie is looking for you, everyone is looking for you, but your phone is turned off all along. They should be very worried about you, you should go back and send your grandma….”

Didn’t know whether Lin Cheng Huan heard her words, as before she stood up on the ground, and looked at Song Ting Yu’s car drove away. Finally disappeared.

All along Su Ran was in deep sleep, when she was awake, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon.

When she opened her eyes, she noticed Song Wei Xi’s little face in front of her. She thought about her own condition, she hurriedly used her hand to pushed lightly his shoulder: “Wei Xi, don’t you be here. Mama has a flu, it can be contagious to you. Go down and look for Auntie Fang. Hurry up.”

Song Wei Xi remained unmoved: “Mama, great grandma said you are already okay. You are already better.”

While he said it, he used one of his little hand to cover her forehead, and other hand placed on his forehead: “Look, it is the same temperature….”

Su Ran smiled, she used her hand to stroke his hair. She noticed even though her fever was gone, but she felt a bit in pain. Her whole body was weak, she struggled to get up from the bed and used her hand to support her forehead. She just remembered that yesterday she was in fever when she went down from the mountain, then she was sent by Lin Cheng Huan and Tian Mi to a house.

Afterwards, she just didn’t have any memory.

Also didn’t know how could she be back.

Yet it supposedly Lin Cheng Huan sent her back.

“Mama, Xi Nuan Nuan also come to see you.”

“Really? Where is she?”

Song Wei Xi pouted his lips: “Before Auntie Fang said she bought a fresh-baked cake, she just ran over. Indeed most favorite thing is our family’s cake….”

Su Ran smiled: “Then you come down to accompany her to eat the cake. Don’t eat the cake but just eat other thing?”

“Okay, Mama, do you want to eat? I will bring it up for you.”

Now Su Ran didn’t have any appetite, how could she eat anything. She waved her hand: “Mama doesn’t want to eat, you go and eat it okay.”

She looked at Song Wei Xi’s figure leaving, Su Ran smiled, she pushed away her blanket away. Then left the bed and looked for her phone.

Her phone was out of battery. She charged it, then called Tian Mi.

“Ran Ran, are you awake? I just thought about going over to see you.”

“Em. I just awake, I’m okay.”

“Did you send me back home today?”

Tian Mi was silent for a moment: “No…. Last night Song Ting Yu looked for you. In the morning, we went back together. He brought you home to Song house…” She paused: “Did you meet him after you are awake? Is he okay?”

“What do you mean he is okay?” Su Ran was puzzled with Tian Mi, she sounded like she was hiding something: “I didn’t see her, supposedly he is going to the office, why? What did happen?”

This moment Tian Mi was considering whether to tell her the problems or not. She felt to let her know that Lin Cheng Huan kissed her, would it make them to feel awkward when they meet each other?

But if she didn’t tell her then….

She thought about it until she had the headache, so Su Ran noticed her doubt, she said: “Tian Mi, what did happen? Tell me hurry.”

“It’s nothing, nothing. It was just Song Ting Yu went over to look for you. He ran into Lin Cheng Huan, then he was in collision with him. It’s okay, Ran Ran. You should get some rest.” Tian Mi finally decided to not that thing out. She thought better to hide it from her so Lin Cheng Huan ald her would not feel awkward.

“Okay.” Su Ran nodded: “Do you know where is the funeral of Cheng Huan’s grandmother?”

“It is in the west of the city that…” Tian Mi thought about it for a while: “But Su Ran, I think it’s better if you don’t go. Now you need to rest well, wait until tomorrow you are healthy then you could go over. Moreover tomorrow would be his grandmother’s burial, you should be really want to attend.”

Su Ran said: “Okay.”

Originally she wanted to call Lin Cheng Huan to tell him about this and asked about his condition, yet thinking about how busy he would be to accompany his grandmother, she also didn’t want to bother him, so she decided to not do it.

She put down her phone, grandmother got inside, behind her was a nanny, who brought some dishes for her.


Madame Song smiled and nodded: “I just heard from Wei Xi that you had waken. You must be hungry after not eating anything for a day right? I let them cook some swallow’s nest for you. Eat a bit.”

Although she was not having any appetite, yet she knew she should to eat a bit.

The time she was eating, Madame Song sat beside her: “Ran Ran, what did happen between you and Song Ting Yu? Are you in fight?”

Yesterday she felt there was something wrong, when it was about to start, although Song Ting Yu continuously asked about her whereabout. She didn’t say it, but he also awkward didn’t willing to give Su Ran a call.

That time she felt something wrong.

Su Ran was startled for a while: “It’s okay, grandma.”

“You still you are okay, even though I’m presbyopia, but I’m not blind. Moreover, my heart still sensitive, you guys clearly have problems. Is it because of he was looking for that opera singer last two days that it makes you mad?”

Su Ran shook her head: “I’m not angry.”

Madame Song noticed her unwillingness to say more, so she also didn’t force her. She sighed: “Ran Ran, grandma, just hopes that you guys can be well. After all, you guys just about to have your second child? Although Song Ting Yu got married to you firstly because he was forced by me, but this short period of time, I could see her change. Yesterday night looking at how bad was the weather and your phone was in no signal condition, he didn’t say anything just go out and look for you

4 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 99”

  1. Grandma Song is campaigning hard for Ting Yu. And Ting Yu needs all the help he can get. If he doesn’t calm done and stay away from Zhi Rui he will never pull his family together.

    Thank you


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