Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 88

So, You are even more in a hurry to rush me away (2)

His smile like before was really fascinating, yet Su Lai felt awkward, this moment she was really in a difficult situation. She wore a white sleeveless short dress, and this moment the scarlet color of wine had wet her whole body, her hair and dress were all wet.

“You…” She was angry that she had difficulty to speak up.


“You still not get lost?” Song Ting Yu looked at her.

Even though Su Lai was angry until she was shivering, yet thought of Song Ting Yu’s trick, now how could she dare to act out violently in front of him? So she could only bit her lips ruthlessly, turned her body to leave.

She just noticed Su Ran who was standing at the doorway, so she knew that she was watching how them clearly.

In the past all along she always felt herself to be a level higher than her, but this moment knowing that Su Ran had been watching what happened to her before, inside of her was full of hatred and resentment. When she passed by her, she glared at her hatefully.

Su Ran felt somewhat ridiculous, she wanted to seduce Song Ting Yu, and turned out to be unsuccessful, how could it relate to her?

“What are you doing by just standing over there? Are you not coming in?”

Song Ting Yu spoke up with his cold voice, he also just noticed her.

Su Ran closed the door, and entered the room. She smiled: “Am I coming to early? Then I ruin your good chance?”

Song Ting Yu undid his necktie, threw it to the sofa: “What do you think of my place? Everyone could get in as they like?”

This man supposedly was blaming her to bring in Su Lai here, since the beginning, he felt something wrong and didn’t have favorable impression with Su Lai, so seeing here let him to be feel troubled.

Actually before at the door, she also knew that even Su Lai’s whole person threw herself to him, he also wouldn’t feel anything. She believed at most he would push her away, and once more humiliated her, yet she didn’t expect, he would actually deliberately pour a glass of wine on her body.

“During the dinner, we had meal together. She wanted to go up to talk, I also couldn’t let her stay outside.”

“Then you just let her to say what she wanted to say outside.”

Su Ran smiled, and didn’t continue to talk about this with him: “I want to go to take a shower.”

“Let’s take it together.” Song Ting Yu blurted it out without thinking.

Su Ran massaged her temple: “Song Ting Yu, if you do like this, I will really stay in separate room far away from you.”

She must protect this child inside her, it was with great difficulty that she could conceive. Who knows that this beast would do what kind of thing?

She said it, Song Ting Yu just sat on the sofa: “Then you get in and take a shower first, the floor inside is slippery. Be more careful.”


“Okay.” Su Ran nodded, then took the pajamas and entered the restroom.

Song Ting Yu’s legs were slightly crooked, he leaned on the sofa, and heard the sound of water from the bathroom. In front of him looked like appeared an image.

He flung back his head quickly, cut off the scene that let people felt unbearable.

He looked a head to the huge French window to see the starry sky. Now why he felt the night was so unendurable?

Because Su Ran’s pregnancy, Madame Song was not feeling relieved that she was staying outside, so she called so they could as soon as possible go back to An City.

Song Ting Yu knew that Madame Song was worried, so he tried his best to finish the business here, and brought Su Ran and Song Wei Xi back.

Originally it would take a week to manage it all, at last the fourth day they just went back.

Huai Hai and An City had completely different kind of weather. There still in the summer temperature, very appropriate, but in An City was severe winter.

Madame Song found out of their return, so from early time, she asked driver to wait for them in the airport.

During the way home, Song Ting Yu’s phone rang. He looked to the screen for a while, but he didn’t answer the call. So it was stopping, then after a while, it started to ring again.

Su Ran knew it was Bai Zhi Rui’s call, if not, how could the phone kept on ringing, yet he didn’t answer it.

Actually she never asked Song Ting Yu about Bai Zhi Rui’s condition, he just told her before their departure to Huai Hai that Bai Zhi Rui would go back to America. After that she never asked him anything related to her.

Su Ran also didn’t knew that during their days in Huai Hai whether Bai Zhi Rui was looking for him or not, yet they never mentioned her name or anything related to her.

The phone kept on ringing, at last he finally turned off his phone. Then, he looked at Su Ran, yet she didn’t look at him, she just looked at the window.

Probably because of Su Ran’s pregnancy, Madame Song had a good mood that at night she asked everyone to go back and have a dinner together. Gu Dong Cheng was also present, of course, everyone was happy about this news, yet Chen Jing didn’t show any kind of expression.

Su Ran always didn’t understand this, even though Chen Jing didn’t like her, yet how could she don’t have any feeling toward Song Wei Xi?

It went without saying her pregnancy, is great hope for Song Wei Xi’s recovery, she may not happy for her, but how could she also not be happy for Song Wei Xi?

After dinner, the time Su Ran walked around the room, she noticed Song Ting Yu was on call on the balcony. He also noticed her, but she didn’t go over, she just turned to leave. After a while, Song Ting Yu looked for her: “I will go outside for a while.”


Song Ting Yu looked at her, he wanted to say more, but at last he didn’t say it. He nodded, and immediately took the car key.

Very quickly, Su Ran also called by Madame Song to her room to have a chat.

On the table there was a lot of dishes served, yet it was all cold, yet there still no one picked it up.

Bai Zhi Rui kept on dialing Song Ting Yu, she looked at the clock on her phone, and noticed it was getting later and later, yet Song Ting Yu hadn’t showed up.

These days, she didn’t excessively disturb Song Ting Yu because she knew Song TIng Yu’s personal character. The more she chased him, it would provoked and annoyed him.

But, Chen Jing found out that today he would back to An City so she passed the news to her. She called him, no matter what, she couldn’t go to America like this, she must let him to come here, she must stay here.

If she really returned to America like this, she understood it clearly, her years of efforts would be worthless.

Without a doubt, she definitely would lose him.

This is the most thing that let her unable to accept.

However since he landed at An City, she was calling him continuously but he didn’t answer it, and turned it off.

Afterwards, he initiatively called her back, he said that in a while he would come.

She let some people to do dishes, and all along she was waiting for him.

She was waiting until these dishes were cold, didn’t have any slightest of warmth, yet he hadn’t come.

“Ms Bai, if not you just eat it first? Supposedly Mr Song would come a bit late.” The maid admonished in well-meant words.

“I wait for him, I will wait for him to come then I will eat.”

“But these dishes are already cold…”

Bai Zhi Rui glared at her: “You go and reheat these dishes, then served it out again. Song Ting Yu would come soon.”

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  1. 1- 1/2 month’s until it is safe to touch.Will this beast stay sane or will he be tempted by those two bit****?. Bai Zhi Rui is like a piranha she will devour him whole if given the chance.

    Thank you for this chapter.

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