Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 81

The light is very Dark, They Will Not Notice it (2)

“Wear the swimming cap also, alright?”

Because it was the first time for Song Wei Xi to swim so when she realized she only bought a swim trunks, today she especially went out to buy him a goggles and swimming cap.

“Mama, I don’t want to wear it.” Song Wei Xi thought that when he was wearing the cap, he looked ugly, so he shook his head to reject the idea.

This moment Song Ting Yu had also done changing his clothes, he carried Song Wei Xi up: “It’s okay. If he did’t want to wear it, then just let him be. I’m here, what are you afraid of?”

Su Ran nodded, he could not wearing the swimming cap, but he needs to wear the swimming tube. She passed the swimming tube to him.

Song Ting Yu took it, and his gaze fell on her body. She still wore her white hot pants and black shirt, he frowned: “Why don’t you change your clothes?”

Su Ran had a bit of hesitation, although she was fascinated by the magnificent sight of the pool on the top of the hotel, but after all it still water. If she didn’t want to go down to the water, she was unable to go to the railing and standing there to enjoy the scenery.


She replied, then take the swimsuit into the changing room.

Song Ting Yu already brought Song Wei Xi to the swimming pool. He was teaching him how to swim, this little guy had his swimming tube, and was learning how to kick in the water.

Song Ting Yu also in very serious mood, almost didn’t aware of her coming. He just solely focused on teaching Song Wei Xi.

It was really a warm scene between father and son. Su Ran realized she was really enjoyed the feeling that they had. She went back to the changing room, the took her phone from the locker. She stood on the swimming pool side and took a several photos of them.

Song Wei Xi noticed her, and waved his hand toward her: “Mama, come here quickly.”

“Okay at once.” Su Ran replied, and returned back to the changing room to put her handphone back. She came over his side, she still stood on the side, and with great effort she slowly put her foot inside. Yet she didn’t willing to jump inside.

“You guys continue what you are doing, I will just stay here for a while first.”

The sky started to get dark, the lights around the swimming pool started to light up, and the people inside the swimming pool started to get out from the pool.

There were a lot of little kids there, they were in the quite same age as Song Wei Xi, they also had a swimming tube on their body. Perhaps the kids in this age always especially interested and serious toward swimming.

After a while, Tang Zi Chu also came over, he brought a beautiful woman. They both changed their clothes to the swimsuit. They all seemed to have the swimming skill, just Su Ran who couldn’t swim.

Song Ting Yu let Tang Zi Chu helped him to take care of Song Wei Xi for a while, then he swam to the swimming pool side, and extended his hand toward Su Ran: “Give me your hand to me, let’s go down.”

“Let me just wait for a moment.”

She hadn’t finished her words, suddenly she screamed because Song Ting Yu’s both hands clutched her slender waist, and carried her down. This caught off guard action and sudden slid in to the water that she was afraid of, so she of course couldn’t control herself. She instinctively yelled, and unconsciously extended her hand to hug Song Ting Yu’s neck.

After she regained her control, she noticed the people surround them were looking at her.

Her white face immediately turned red, and she said: “Let me go.”

He nodded.

Song Ting Yu let his hand on his waist loosen, her whole body started to sink down. Actually she knew that water in the pool was not really deep, it should be only reach her chest, but she still very terrified. So when Song Ting Yu loosen his hold, she tightly clutched his wrist.

Song Ting Yu didn’t support her.

Su Ran felt irritated, this man dragged her down, and now she didn’t able to go further, and he didn’t want to care about her anymore?

“Support me for a while.” She could only admit her defeat.

This moment, she noticed clearly there was a smile on Song Ting Yu’s face, he looked really cocky.

It supposedly because heard of her plead and give in, he finally had mercy to extend his hand for hold her waist with one of his hand, and let her slowly adapted to it.

This perhaps Su Ran’s fatal weakness, she still felt terrified, so her both arms captured Song Ting Yu’s arm tightly.

“Don’t you want to go over there?” Song Ting Yu pointed at the railing fence over there.

Su Ran nodded. All along she wanted to go there.

“Let’s go.”

“What about Wei Xi?” Su Ran didn’t feel assured that she turned her head to look at Song Wei Xi, yet she noticed Tang Zi Chu and his woman companion was accompanying Song Wei Xi, moreover around him there were a lot of little kids. He also gradually got close to them, he learnt together with them. They were talking and laughing, it had a good atmosphere.

“Zi Chu will take care of him.”

Su Ran nodded, and followed him to the railings side. Yet Song Ting Yu didn’t carry her together to go across, but he took turned to the corner desolate point, it was fear from the group of people.

“Why are we coming here?”

“Don’t you feel that there is a lot of people and is noisy, and here is so peaceful?”

It’s true.

Su Ran moved closer to the railing, the railing was on her chest. She put her both hands on it, and started to look the scenery faraway and down

Now the sky was completely dark, so she could only the night view, yet it’s quite good because Huai Hai had outstanding night view.

There was a wind blew toward Su Ran, Su Ran felt relaxed and contend.

When she was focused on enjoying the night view, Song Ting Yu’s left hand extended over and moved her hair to the other side. Then his finger started to linger over her cheeks and caress it gently.

Su Ran felt somewhat ticklish, so she dodged it to the other side.

Yet he suddenly clutch her side cheek, then kissed her collar bone.

“Why you don’t wear the necklace from me?”

He was indicating to the birthday gift he gave to her, the butterfly necklace.

Su Ran startled for a while: “I put it at home.”

“Why don’t you wear it?”

This man looked like he didn’t like excuses.

Su Ran felt she always didn’t use to wear a expensive pedant, so she just put it at home.

She fixed her eyes to this man’s a bit gloomy face, she knew if he didn’t hear something sweet-talk this moment, supposedly didn’t know for how long he would be this difficult: “Because it is too beautiful, so I’m afraid that I will broke it.”

Indeed, the moment she said it. Song Ting Yu’s frowning brows started to relax. He seized the opportunity to hold her left shoulder and said: “After go home just wear it, moreover later on you need to wear it everyday.”

“….” Su Ran was somewhat speechless, but this moment she had no heart to argue with him: “I know.”

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  1. Ok,..who else is getting seriously annoyed by Song Ting Yu’s sudden 180? It’s completely unrealistic and makes me cringe. I also don’t understand why Su Ran is so accepting of his aggressive and forceful behaviour – surely they are both aware that they’re not actually a real married couple?

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