Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 78

I said you are skinnier means you are skinnier, I could measure it (1)



Su Ran pursed her lips to smile, she didn’t know how could that both words appeared on her mind.

A group of young girls passed by, secretly pointed on his direction and whispered to each other. They even took out their phone to take a photo of him.

He seemed to felt it, he suddenly turned his head. He noticed Su Ran and smiled fascinatingly.

He twirl off the cigarette on his hands, then came to her. He looked at the plastic on her hands: “Do you buy the right size?”


Su Ran didn’t know how could this man know about her size, moreover he knew it clearly. Last time her underwear was also not too small, it just because the pulling and pushing movement between them that make the button loose.

“The style?”

“Song Ting Yu, enough!” Su Ran yelled at him lowly, she knew that he intentionally teased her. She didn’t mind about him, that went away with a red face.

Even in the dark night, Song Ting Yu still could see her blushing face.

Su Ran looked at the display of the phone: “It’s ten o’clock, if not let’s go back?”

Song Ting Yu said faintly: “It’s still early.”

“Tomorrow you still need to work.”

Song Ting Yu pulled her hands, and pointed out to not distant place: “Let’s stroll to that bar. Today is once a year beer festival in the Huai Hai, there’s an activity happened.”

Beer festival?

Su Ran never saw it, so she nodded. Even they went there, it may only take one hour, so it would be eleven o’clock.

The bar was really huge, in ordinary time it a calm one. There were quite a lot of singer sang over here. Every night a lot of couples like to dance over here, chatting, or — romance.

Because Huai Hai city is a tourist city, so a lot young women and men came here, had temporary affair, and would go on their separate ways after the holiday is over. They would not leave any contact, is a game of romance.

This bar is a famous romantic place, so it called Suo Wen (Searching for Kiss).

It was really a blunt name

The time they came over, it was everyone was on the game and it was on the hottest point, because the following was a game, ignited an interest of everyone.

Every couple would keep a local beer inside their mouth, then kissed each other. The longest kissing time and at last they still had the beer inside their mouth, they would get a special present.

A lot of couple already continuously went up to the stage.

Song Ting Yu said on Su Ran’s ear side: “Are you interested?”


Su Ran didn’t think about it and just shook her head: “No.”

Song Ting Yu smiled, didn’t know why Su Ran felt his smile looked somewhat dangerous. Her heart completely unease, and she had some premonition, a completely bad one. When she was about to walk backward, her slender wrist was grasped by him. When she didn’t reacted, he just pulled her to the stage.

When she realized it, she already stood on the stage, and surrounded by several others couple two presenters.

Regarding Song Ting Yu and Su Ran’s action to go on the stage, the presenters looked very content.

Su Ran felt somewhat uneasy: “Let’s go down okay?”

“What are you afraid of?”

When they were talking to each other, the presenter already announced the game started now. Someone gave the beer to them, and asked them to keep it inside their mouth.

Su Ran felt she didn’t have a chance to retreat, she just could forced oneself to drink the beer, it was a black beer, a kind that she didn’t really like. She frowned, when she about to throw up the beer, Song Ting Yu already raised her chin up and started to kiss her.

This kind of way of kissing was really a hard thing, moreover they still need to keep the beer inside. Su Ran felt her whole body was rigid, she wanted to say something secretly but unable because of the beer inside her mouth so she only could hold it.

Song Ting Yu used both of his hands to clasped her cheeks, and supported her head to avoid her to throw the beer out.

Didn’t know for how long, Su Ran felt herself almost to be numb. Her mind was blank, and just heard the unceasing yelling of people surrounded them, she was unable to hear it clearly.

She felt she really couldn’t endure it anymore, when she about to vomit it out, Song Ting Yu loosed her.

They still had the beer inside their mouth.

Moreover the most imaginable thing for Su Ran, unexpectedly they are the winner.

The presenter announced that they are the winner. She still a bit hazy, she still felt the beer inside her mouth, and wanted to look for a place to vomit it out. Song Ting Yu pulled her, and kissed her lips. His tip of tongue seize the control of her mouth, and he swallowed cleanly the beer inside her mouth.

People around them started to yell again.

At last the presenter gave the present up, Song Ting Yu took it. Su Ran felt this moment the whole people’s gaze were on them, she coughed lightly and said with a low voice: “Let’s go.”

They had finished the game, it was also not early anymore, Su Ran didn’t want to be here and observed by public.

Luckily this time Song Ting Yu didn’t reject her idea, he nodded, and held her hands to go out from the bar.

When he went out of the bar, he already opened the present.

The time Su Ran wanted to see it, yet he just immediately closed it.

Su Ran’s face full of puzzlement: “What is inside it?”

“Later on I will give you a look.”

Song Ting Yu take the box and held her hand to go to their parking space.

The more he became like this, the more curious she became, simply felt the urgency to know what inside the box, why this man didn’t allow her to see it?”

During the way back, she wanted to take the opportunity when he was not focus, to open it secretly. Yet she was noticed by him and just could give up.

Because today’s plan of going out, so she didn’t have a nap. Being on the plane for several hours, and strolling around at night, Su Ran felt extremely tired, she wanted to have a sleep.


At first when they were back to the hotel, she wanted to seize the opportunity of Song Ting Yu’s shower time to open the box, yet the moment she was on the bed, she just closed her eyes and fell asleep.

After Song Ting Yu was done with his shower, he woke her up yet she didn’t budge.



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