Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛 – Chapter 73

How Could it be Any Warmness (2)


This maybe the reason why Bai Zhi Rui did something like this.

“Ting Yu….”

Bai Zhi Rui extended her hand to pull Song Ting Yu’s arm: “I also don’t want to do something like this, but I really hate her, really really hate, I hate myself that I couldn’t protect my kid well, also hate Su Ran how can she be that ruthless and let me lose the kid. The child was not yet born, and she just expropriate himn….”

Song Ting Yu just let her to cry, he also be silent, didn’t say anything, but also didn’t push her away.

Looking at his action, she was more panic, so she directly hugged him: “Ting Yu, for which reason Su Ran could hurt my kid, and she shouldn’t be punished? Her life is getting better and better, everyone loves her, even you now are favoring her. She made our child dead, yet you didn’t even mutter a blame word toward her. I have been discharged for several days, yet even a night you never stayed here….”


“Ting Yu, every day every time every moment I’m waiting for you, do you know? Do you know how I not resigned to it? I live unhappily, but Su Ran?” Bai Zhi Rui’s embrace getting more tighter, her mood became more emotional. She shed some tears while recounting that event, it let most men to felt heartache.

Song Ting Yu used his hands to push her away and went to the table, he took several tissues and passed it to her: “Wipe the tears….”

“Ting Yu…” Bai Zhi Rui took the tissue, and felt somewhat tense and unsecured, she didn’t want did he thinking, did he really listen to her words? And affected by her crying?

“You return to America.”

Bai Zhi Rui was surprised that her eyes were opened wide, her tears were hung up on her eyes. She didn’t expect to hear Song Ting Yu will say that word.

“You…. You let me go back?” Because she was surprised and unbelief, her tone sounded shivering.

“I will go to Huai Hai for around a week, when I go back, I hope you already return.”

Bai Zhi Rui basically already settles in America, because she had stayed there and lived there, so she already accustomed to their life habit.

Song Ting Yu felt that by going back there she would be more cheerful.

Song Ting Yu said it, then take his car key on the computer table, then turned his body to go downstairs. Bai Zhi Rui just responded, she cried and chased after him. Before Song Ting Yu opened the door, she already obstructed his path: “You let me to go back is it because you afraid that if I leave here, I will do something that hurt Su Ran?”

Song Ting Yu looked straight at her: “It’s for you, also for Su Ran. You need time to calm down, if you stay here the resentment in your heart will get larger and larger, sooner and later it will be exploded. This time I will not haggle this matter with you, you tidy up your things then go back to the America if not do some traveling….”

He hadn’t finished his sentence, yet Bai Zhi Rui cut him off, with her delicate and pity eyes, she looked at him: “But don’t leave in An City, right? You really that worry that Su Ran would be trouble? What trouble did she get into now? I just hurt her by words, but her, what did she do to me? Why are you be so biased?”

Song Ting Yu straightly stood on the ground, his eyes were cold and he said: “Are you done?”

“Ting Yu…”

Bai Zhi Rui once again extended her hand to grasp his arm, yet he pushed it away. He already opened the door, no matter what she did, she unable to stop him from leaving.

“Remember, a week.”

“Ting Yu, Ting Yu….”

Bai Zhi Rui chased after him, yet Song Ting Yu already got in his car. She patted at the car window, but he still left.

That moment, Bai Zhi Rui felt the sky had fell down, her whole body was limped and fell down on the snow.


“Why are you like this to me? Why?”

Yet she didn’t get any reply, because Song Ting Yu had left, it just only her there.

Chen Jing received Bai Zhi Rui’s call, she tidied something hurriedly, prepared to go out. When she went out, she noticed Song Ting Yu’s car arrived.

She went over, Song Ting Yu also didn’t park his car inside the garage. He just stopped at the front of the door, and took the car key out and got off the car. Looking Chen Jing’s figure, he frowned. He presumed perhaps Bai Zhi Rui already gave a call to her.

Chen Jing came over hurriedly, she said bluntly: “Ting Yu, I heard that you let Zhi Rui to go back to America?”

“I let her to leave An City.”

“Why do you something like that?!’ Chen Jing immediately frowned, and chided coldly: “For all things she had done for you, she just wanted to go back to look for you, yet now you let her to leave, have you ever considered her feeling?”

“It’s the matter between me and her. Ma, it looks like you care too much.” Song Ting Yu responded with even more cooler reaction, he threw a sentence that overcome her that prepared to get inside.

But Chen Jing still unwilling to let him leave, she now wanted to ask him clearly regarding what had happened? And what did he mean?

“Ting Yu, you cannot be like this to Zhi Rui.”

“Ma, I notice you really especially kind to Bai Zhi Rui? Like more than anyone else, could you tell me the reason?” Song Ting Yu narrowed his black eyes, and glared at Chen Jing.

Chen Jing’s eyes dodged: “I…”

“Why I never look you that caring toward Song Wei Xi and Su Ran?”

“What qualification that Su Ran has that I should care about her?” Hearing Su Ran’s name made Chen Jing couldn’t restrain herself to frown.

“Then Wei Xi? He is your own grandson, I also never see that you care about him. In your heart, does it have his place?”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about? How can I don’t have him inside my heart?” She obviously didn’t want to continue their chat about this topic, so very quickly she shifted the topic of conversation: “Ting Yu, let’s go. Let’s go look for Zhi Rui and have a talk. A moment ago, she called me, she cried sadly, I’m afraid she would do something foolish.”

Song Ting Yu pried open her hands on his wrist one by one, smiled: “Ma, you should know I dislike other people meddle on my business.”

“Ting Yu, you….”

Song Ting Yu didn’t give her any chance to talk anymore, he went inside.

Yet Chen Jing because she worried about Bai Zhi Rui, she didn’t care about him anymore, she drove her car to leave Song house.

The time Song Ting Yu got inside, he noticed Su Ran went out of the kitchen while she was holding a cup of milk.

When she ran into him, she smiled as if didn’t feel any surprise.

He guessed when she went downstair, she should already heard their conversation.


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