Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 65

Maybe at that time you are too late to cherish it (1)

In front of her, a hand suddenly appeared and touched the photo’s edge. She was surprised, and stood up from the sofa. She seemed to be bumped into something, and heard of a dropping sound. She turned her body and noticed Song Ting Yu was holding his chin, and his eyebrows were frowning.

“What are you doing?” Su Ran came over hurriedly.

He kneaded his chin, yet didn’t answer her. Instead, his dark eyes just stared fixedly at her.

Su Ran was felt awkward being stared by him, so she turned her head. When she about to leave, yet he clutched her shoulder to make her turn back, and as before his dark eyes were looking at her: “You just cry?”

Su Ran rubbed her eyes, of course she wouldn’t admit it: “No.”

Song Ting Yu took the photo from her hand and observed it carefully: “I don’t know that you can play cello.”

“In the past, my mama was a Cellist. Yet I couldn’t play it. I was very stupid, I studied for a long time, yet I still couldn’t do it.”

Song Ting Yu paid attention on her words, she was laughing at herself, but showed some heartbroken mood.

He felt his heart was ruthlessly pricked.

He sat on the sofa, and pulled her to. She stood up, and he sat down. He used his hand to stroke her face: “Everyone have their own expertise.”

Was this an act of comfort for her?

Su Ran smiled, and nodded.

Then, Song Ting Yu released her, then his long finger moved to undo his tie, and threw it on the sofa. While he was opening his cufflink, he asked: “Where were you taking Wei Xi today?”

“Cheng Huan wanted to go abroad, I and Wei Xi went to the airport to send him off.”

Hearing it Song Ting Yu paused his action, raised his head slowly to look at her, and pointed out to her photo. With unpleasant tone, he said: “So you are saying, this photo is from him, and you cry because of him?”

“Why, you hated to be apart with him?”

Su Ran knew that this man was having a disorder way of thinking. She didn’t have mood to care about him, so she took the photo and about to go to put it on the bedside, yet she suddenly took into his embrace.

She was in towering rage: “Song Ting Yu, you are crazy!”

Song Ting Yu just finished a meeting, he leaned on the chair. His long finger was massaged his temple. He was waiting for Tang Zi Chu’s coming to give him the final material of the meeting.
He was waiting for a long time yet Tang Zi Chu still hadn’t come to his office. He without trouble took a magazine to look.

Toward the entertainment gossip, he didn’t have any interest, so he wanted to skip it and go to business or finance news.

But he noticed a headline.

His eyes were darken, and spread it out to read clearly. His face was getting more gloomy, and his eyes was chilly.

This moment, the meeting room’s door was knocked. Song Ting Yu raised his head to see. It was someone who looked like a secretary, she was getting inside hurriedly.

“Chief Song.” She greeted her respectfully and cautiously. At last her gaze fell on the magazine, her face started to pale, hesitated what to do.

Song Ting Yu’s long fingers were clutching the magazine: “This is yours?”

The female worker nodded that shook her head, her face was full of panic: “Chief Song, I, I….”

Song Ting Yu’s eyes was cold: “From what department are you?”

The female worker didn’t dare to raise her head, how could she dare to look this man’s face. She only felt she is done. With uncontrolled shaking of the body, she reported back: “… hum.. Human resources.”

“Did you read the magazine when it was the meeting time?”

“Chief Song, I’m not doing it in purpose, I just, I just…” The female worker’s face was paled, she almost wanted to cry.

This meeting was a big meeting which every departments attended, at first she as low-level of workers didn’t have the chance to join the meeting, but her manager was sick for these days, she afraid to unable to focus, so she asked some people to take note for her.

She was the human resources secretary, she was chosen to attend it. Before she just looked at the magazine, and hadn’t finished it so she just brought the magazine to the meeting. She thought the meeting would be attended by a lot of people, they would not pay attention to her so she continued to read it.

Because today’s gossip was about Song Ting Yu, most of female workers wanted to know about this man, so she couldn’t help herself to keep on reading it on the meeting. Yet she didn’t expect that she would leave the magazine in the meeting room. When she got back to retrieve it, she noticed that the magazine was taken by Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu threw the magazine to her feet: “Later on go back and count up your attendance for this month, then go to accounting department to retrieve your monthly-payment. Tomorrow yo don’t need to come anymore.”

The female worker was surprised, her mind went blank. In her mind, she kept on talking: “She was fired.”

She was fired….

“Chief Song, don’t do this. I didn’t do it in purpose. I beg you, give me another chance. I will not do it again….” She cried, and wanted to move in front of hi, yet she was pulled out by Song company’s security guards.

This moment Tang Zi Chu was back from retrieving materials, when he was about to enter, he heard a cry of a woman. He was suspicious, and noticed the magazine, he took it and turned over the pages. He noticed the headline and read about it.

Then he finally realized what had happened.

That woman had became a scapegoat, although she was secretly read the magazine during the meeting, and as far as the company disciplinary guideline, this act is cannot be tolerate and will get a consequence, but the consequence would not be a termination.

Today entertainment magazine’s headline’s leading roles were Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan.

It was published in the biggest space on the magazine, and showed their photo. Not only the present photo of them both, but also the photo from their childhood. The recent photo was taken in the airport.

On the magazine, Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan was a childhood sweetheart, and they stated that originally Su Ran was intended to marry Lin Cheng Huan, yet turned out reluctant to give up the power and money of Song Family. So she used dirty tricks to marry into Song family. Yet after the marriage because she was treated coldly, so once again she wanted to be together with Lin Cheng Huan. Their old romance was ignited again, they concealed this relation privately from Song Ting Yu and Song family, covertly interacted in the dark.

Tang Zi Chu frowned when he looked at this news, did the media now not having a bottom line? How dare they publish this kind of news? What kind of chaotic news they write?

“Chief Song, this is your material.” Tang Zi Chu noticed himself was almost didn’t have any courage to look him in the eyes, he was too cold.

Song Ting Yu didn’t know what was he thinking, so he didn’t have any response. He kept on waiting for awhile, and when he prepared to leave, he said: “Chief Song, actually this thing on the gossip magazine couldn’t be trusted….”

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