Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 62

You Resent Me Dirty (3)


He actually also didn’t eat anything much, he just sipped the wine. Yet his eyebrows just kept on frowning, also didn’t know what was he thinking about.

After the dinner, Bai Zhi Rui said these years she didn’t come to the An City, so she still wanted to stroll around. Yet Song Ting Yu declined: “Just another day, now your body need a good rest, you couldn’t be too tired.”

Once again he used her health condition as an excuse, and yet Bai Zhi Rui noticed she couldn’t reject his excuse.

Tang Zi Chu chose the apartment that was located in high grade residential area, there was more quiet. The moment she entered the apartment, she smiled: “Ting Yu, I really like here.”

Song Ting Yu put down her suitcase, and smiled: “It’s good that you like it.”

This apartment was tidied up by hourly worker, so now it was carefully arranged, the installation was complete, Bai Zhi Rui didn’t need to take care anything.

Song Ting Yu went over to the kitchen counter to pour himself a cup of water, suddenly he felt someone hugged his waist.

Bai Zhi Rui’s face was sticked closed to his back, and with her soft sweet voice said: “Ting Yu, tonight could you stay?”

Song Ting Yu placed down the empty cup on the counter, turned his body and pushed her body off his body: “I said already, you need to get a good rest.”

“How can I not rest well if you stay here?” Bai Zhi Ru’s voice sounded a bit sad: “In the past when we were abroad, every night I also slept in your embrace. Now I don’t request you to be able to accompany me sleep every night, but could you stay tonight?”

She just recovered from her miscarriage, couldn’t do anything, but she wanted Song Ting Yu to stay, she didn’t want to let him go home and stay with Su Ran.

This moment Song Ting Yu stared at her calmly: “Tonight I still have some matters to do.”

“What kind of matters?”

“Bai Zhi Rui.” His tone was very cold: “Since when you start to question my matter.”

Bai Zhi Rui almost wanted to bit her lips, but she controlled her emotion, and finally calmed down : “Sorry.”

Song Ting Yu took his coat and casted a glance to her: “Have a good rest, tomorrow I will let someone come here to take care of you. If you anything that you need and want, just tell her.”

“If I want to look for you?”

Song Ting Yu was silent for a while: “I have my phone.”

Then, he left the apartment.

Yet Bai Zhi Rui just looked on his leaving helplessly, she was really powerless.

But she vowed, she wouldn’t just admit defeat. She was not that kind of person, never that type of person.

The time Su Ran slept in a daze, she felt there was a movement beside her. The blanket was pull apart, and someone laid down beside her.

She turned her head to see, she could look clearly it was Song Ting Yu’s face. She was somewhat surprised, she thought tonight he would be stayed with Bai Zhi Rui, she didn’t expect him to be back.

Song Ting Yu’s hand entered her pajamas, she frowned. She pulled her clothes to cover herself. Because she was still half-awake, her voice sounded a bit fuzzy: “Song Ting Yu, you go take a bath.”

Song Ting Yu’s hand was stiff where it was before, he pulled her shoulder and turned her to face him. His face was so gloomy, his voice sounded a bit angry: “You resent I dirty?”

This moment his temples apparently showed blue vein, Su Ran knew he was mad, but she didn’t scare of him. She opened her eyes, her sleepiness was gone, and asked rhetorically: “Don’t tell me you are not dirty?”

Where was he before, where was he, they both knew it clearly, didn’t need to say it out loud.

He just backed from that woman, now he wanted to touch him, was it wrong that he is dirty?

Although she was longing to be pregnant and had not choice but to do that with him, yet she hoped she could be able to maintain it at least clean, even if just for a bit.

At the very least she didn’t want that when he was being together with her, his body smelled with other woman’s scent.

Song Ting Yu tried to control his emotion: “I don’t touch Bai Zhi Rui!”

Su Ran laid on the bed, and very calmly looked at him. She didn’t say anything, she looked as if she didn’t believe him.

Song Ting Yu’s face immediately turned sour: “She just got miscarriage, what could we do?”

Su Ran nodded, like she clearly understood his meaning: “Em, so it is because she just got miscarriage, so you couldn’t do anything.”

Song Ting Yu felt this moment he was in great mental battle. He noticed, every time Su Ran was able to provoke his anger easily, let his pride in self-control utterly defeated.

This moment his cold and gloomy face looked like he was about to do something, yet she didn’t expect him to pull away the blanket and got up from the bed.

Su Ran turned her head, and looked he went to the bathroom.

Because she was waiting for him to be out of the bathroom, she also didn’t have any sleepiness lef, she just laid down on her stomach on the bed, she closed her eyes and brought relief to her exhaustion.

After a while, the water sound from the bathroom was stopped. Song Ting Yu was coming out from the bathroom with a bathrobe on his body. He then laid down on the bed, Su Ran was still as before laid with her back facing him. She didn’t turned her body.

Song TIng Yu embraced her waist, and pulled her body to him. Her back was sticked closed to his chest. His thin lips started to stick on her hair and started to talk: “Your back was facing me, do you want me to go inside with another way?”

Su Ran’s ears were red, she used her elbow to poke his chest: “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Song Ting Yu responded by pressed her body, his dark eyes looked at her: “Su Ran, I ask you, what do you see me as?”

Su Ran was puzzled, didn’t understand his meaning: “What see you as?”

“You don’t understand?”

She nodded.

Song Ting Yu raised her chin up, and kissed softly on her side corner of mouth: “You want to be in bed with me because to be pregnant, then you considered me as that kind of…”

Su Ran continued his words, she laughed uncontrollably: “Kind of horse? Or kind of pig?”

Song Ting Yu’s face immediately dark: “Su Ran, what are you saying?”

Su Ran shrugged her shoulder, she smiled innocently: “Isn’t it true? This is what are you saying.”

Song Ting Yu as if he tried hard to calm himself down, he couldn’t control himself to extended his hand to hold her neck: “You be together with me in bed, without any other factor?’

He just want to know the answer, urgently needed to know the answer.

Su Ran closed her mouth, she didn’t say anything.

Song Ting Yu lowered his head, he placed the tip of his nose closed to hers. Their lips almost touched each other, his breath was somewhat unsteady: “Don’t you know toward you I am kind unable to control my self? I just wanted to sleep with you, incessantly to be with you….”

“Song Ting Yu!” Su Ran’s face looked very red, she used her hand to cover his thin lips: “Enough.”

His face was really “thick”, he could those kind of words without scruple, yet she couldn’t when she heard something like that her face couldn’t help but to blush.

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