Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 58

Song Ting Yu, Carry Me (1)

After thinking for a while, she was asleep. Then her phone rang and it woke her up.

In her haziness she took the phone, stared at the phone, it turned out to be Song Ting Yu’s phone number.

She was startled, her sleepiness was immediately disappeared, and answered the phone: “Song Ting Yu…”

“Su Ran, it’s me.” The phone on that side yet was not Song Ting Yu’s voice, but another gentle voice. Su Ran thought about it for a while, and recognized the owner’s of that voice: “Lu Zhan?”

“Right, are you available now? Come pick Ting Yu for a while.”

Su Ran stood up: “What happened to him?”

“He is drunk, we are a the Su He bar. Yet, my wife is feeling a bit unwell, she asked me to go home now. So I want to let you pick him up. If you don’t have time, I will call Tang Zhi Chu came….” Lu Zhan’s voice was somewhat hurried.

“I will go, in a moment please send the address to my phone.”

Su Ran finished her sentence then hung up the phone. She went to change her clothes, wore her coat and boots. She took her car key and drove it out.

She never went to Su He Bar, but luckily Lu Zhan sent the address. She just followed the address and found it. Lu Zhan was also very careful, he was worried she would be confuse so during this hasty situation he arranged a waiter to stand in the front door for waiting for her. The time she got inside, the waiter came over and asked: “ Mrs Song?”

Su Ran nodded.

“Mr Song is there, come with me.”

Su Ran followed the waiter to a private room, inside the room, there was a lot of empty bottle on the ground and the coffee table. It could be see, before they were drinking a lot of alcohol.

Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa, one of his hand supported his forehead. His coat was placed on the other side, it was unknown where did put his tie. His collar and top button were opened.

Su Ran came over, and used her hand to pat his shoulder: “Song Ting Yu.”

“Supposedly Mr Song is drunk.” Waiter said: “Do you need my help to carry him outside?”

Song Ting Yu has a tall body, it is impossible for her to carry him by herself. She nodded: “Sorry to trouble you.”

During the way to Song house, Su Ran casted a glance to the man who was sitting down on the backseat via the rear mirror.

As before Song Ting Yu leaned on the seat, closed his eyes, and didn’t move.

Under Su Ran’s observation, Song Ting Yu is not someone with low tolerance of alcohol, she didn’t know how much alcohol had he drink to be these drunk.

Arriving at Song House, because it was late at night, and basically all of them were sleeping, she decided not to wake up the maid to come and help her. So she could only use her strength to carry him upstairs.

This man is really heavy, Su Ran used a lot of strength to get him to the bedroom. By the time she placed him on the bed, her whole body was limped and painful, her whole energy was gone.

She sat down on the bed, and massage her painful arm and shoulder. Then she raised her body to the bathroom and take a clean towel to wipe his both hands and face. All along he was closing his eyes, he looked like he was very drunk!

Su Ran sighed helplessly, and put down the towel. She hesitated whether she wanted to change his clothes or not. If she didn’t change it, he definitely will be uncomfortable through the whole night.

She was silent for a while, in the end she extended her hand to his button. She opened his button one by one, anyway they already did everything they shouldn’t do. What is the use to be embarrassed now?

When she was focused in opening his button, suddenly a hand covered her hand.

She was surprised, raised her head, and met to a pair of beautiful dark eyes.

Su Ran noticed this moment her heart was not in order, her heart was beating disorderly.

This pair of eyes, where is his at least bit of drunkness?”


He is clearly very sober.

This moment she retreated her both hands, but it’s too late, Song Ting Yu didn’t know why, he extended his hand and hooked her shoulder. He brought her whole body to the bed.

She even didn’t have time to screamed, she just directly blocked by his soft thin lips.

Su Ran used her hand subconsciously to cover her chest, and wanted to push Song Ting Yu away. But he in return gripped her hand, and put it on the top of her head. He looked at her.

Su Ran was somewhat angry, exposed her unrestrainedly : “Ting Yu, you pretend to be drunk.”

Song Ting Yu’s black eyes fixed its gaze on her, his lips slighlty open, he said with hoarse voice: “No, I’m really drunk.”

Su Ran was clearly didn’t believe him, she turned her head: “You lie, get up.”

Song Ting Yu not only didn’t rise up, instead he lowered his head, and placed his face on her necks. His soft thin lips was kissing her skin.

Su Ran only felt his lips was like a fire so hot, and her skin that was kissed by him as if they were burning.

She inclined her body, wanted to avoid his touch. Yet she was hugged by him on the shoulder, so she couldn’t move.

“Su Ran, I’m really drunk.” He slowly opened his mouth, his breath was spaying on her skin.

“I don’t believe you.” How can a drunk person have that bright and sober eyes? How could he precisely unmistakingly hold down her shoulder, let her to unable to move?

This moment she even suspicious that all of these was this man practical joke.

Only she didn’t know, why did he trick her to pick him up from to Su He bar to go home?

Song Ting Yu’s long finger and knuckles was pinching her cheeks, and turned her face to directly face him: “Then tell me, If i’m not drunk? Why inside my mind was full of your images, your face, your voice, your angry tone, your face when you cried?”

“Tell me, why?”

Su Ran’s face was clutched tightly by him, she couldn’t shift her gaze, just could be face to face with him.

So she could looked clearly toward his expression when he said this thing, his eyes brought somewhat mistiness.

This moment Su Ran thought, if she never experienced those things, if she and Song Ting Yu had a good start, if now she just knew him for a period time, perhaps she would believe his words , perhaps she will be emotionally moved, and she would really deeply touched.

Because this man’s eyes were really too seductive. When he really gazed at you profoundly, it will let you feel that you are the woman that he really love dearly. It will let you felt in his eyes, in his heart, except you there will be no other woman.

He would give you a kind illusion of deep love.

Yet she had gone through a lot with him, despite their interaction time was not too long, but four years ago, he abandon her hurriedly. Now just his four months return, she didn’t know whether this is true or not.”

She closed her eyes, and when she opened it again, her eyes were really cold and sober: “Song Ting Yu, don’t you say those words to me. Just say those to Bai Zhi Rui.”


6 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 58”

  1. Oh yes..when you know your husband has been with another woman, you would say those exact words like Su Ran. STY, you have a loooong way to win her heart!!
    Thanks Tang for the chapter!
    Hey, where are my other friends who are also reading this…

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  2. Ran Ran, you better not give in to him. You gotta put that man through a lot of shit before you forgive him. I was afraid she was going to disappoint me but nope, I’m happy! Thanks for the update, looking forward to more.

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