Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 57

What Will being Embarrassed Do?

Regarding his question, Su Ran was already apathetic, she also felt this time his coming was not to show his care for Song Wei Xi, after he even saw her as a pion, how could he care about the son of his pion.

“He’s gone.”

“Gone?” Su Hao clearly was somewhat astonished: “How could he be so quick? I just heard that he was at the hospital, how long had he been away? I go out and look for him first.”

Su Hao said it then leave the room, he searched for Song Ting Yu. He hope he will able meet him.

Because he usually unable to meet Song Ting Yu, he wanted to go to look for him in his company. However, Song Ting Yu never gave him time and time face. He even didn’t reject to meet him, just let him waited for him in vain.

Yet every time he went to his company, at last it will be a complete awkward situation.

Every time the employees of Song company noticed his coming, although they didn’t directly express anything, but actually their eyes had betray their real feeling.

After he went away, Qiao Qing placed a thermos bottle on the table, then poured out the soup inside to the small bowl. She passed it to Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, be careful it’s hot, blow it first before you eat it.

Song Wei Xi actually felt a little bit traumatic toward the event when Qiao Qing hit Su Ran, but he obeyed Su Ran’s word. He felt he is still a little kid, a lot of matter that he didn’t really understand, so she didn’t ask anything about Qiao Qing.

E1EDCA27-5150-41D9-BEC2-22FAB5AE1100“Thank you, grandma.”

Qiao Qing stroked his little face, smiled: “Good boy.”

Then, she looked toward Su Ran. She pulled Su Ran to the side to sit down on the sofa. Her eyes were looking on the door: “Su Ran, you also don’t blame your father… He is like…”

Su Ran knew, Qiao Qing just indicated to Su Hao’s coming, yet he didn’t even see Wei Xi even once.

Su Ran used her hand to moved a side the hair on side face: “What is his qualification that worthy for me to blame him.”

Qiao Qing’s eyes turned cold for a while: “Then you will blame? Blame me that I put my whole heart for him, blame me….”

Su Ran didn’t mind her words, these many years, saying so many things, what is the use of it? If let her choose, no matter how many choices, Su Hao will be the most important person in her heart.

“Ma, don’t say this any. Is he recently good at you?”

“Quite good.” Qiao Qing nodded, actually she couldn’t help but to admit, the reason why now she could stay beside Su Hao, the biggest reason because Su Ran. Because Su Hao always wanted to get advantage from Su Ran, so he always take Qiao Qing to coerce her.

She also don’t want to let Su Ran to be threaten by him, yet she couldn’t work hard, she couldn’t leave Su Hao.

“Then it’s good.” Anyway Qiao Qing this forever was dreaming about this?It was good that she was happy…..

Even though Su Hao also not sincerely cared about her.

Qiao Qing moved closed to Song Wei Xi, he was sitting down cutely on the small seat, his hand was scooping the hot soup. She sighed: “Wei Xi is really a good boy.”

This moment, her gaze fell on her son. She nodded, her nose was a bit bitter: “Em.”

“So you must to let him be better….” Qiao Qing turned her head to Su Ran: “Is there any good news yet?”

Su Ran sighed very helplessly, shook her head: “I just be back from gynaecologist to check. The doctor said that recently my body won’t do, there was big pressure that created disorder menstrual cycle, and not really have good nutrition….”

“Then you need to be take note of it, how could you conceive if you don’t have a good health?” Qiao Qing said: “Even you are pregnant, it still need a long period, you should take care of your health, I look recently you are skinnier….”

Thinking about it, Su Ran’s mood was getting worse. This afternoon she was just came back from consultation with Doctor Xu, he also mentioned the same thing to them.

She felt her head was very dizzy, probably because recent days she had not enough rest, she used her hand.

Because Song Wei Xi’s health was gradually turning better, so tonight Madame Song didn’t let Su Ran to stay and sleep at the hospital. She especially instructed nannies from home to come to the hospital and accompany Son Wei Xi.

The time Su Ran about to leave, Su Ran still not at ease. She once again repeated the most important things that the nannies should remembered and pay attention in regard of Song Wei Xi.

Madame Song couldn’t stand to see it anymore, she pulled her hand: “Okay, Ran Ran, they know what to do. They all have been taking care of Song Wei Xi since he was little. Moreover, the hospital was full of professional, what should you worried about. You’ve been staying here for several days, you should go home and rest.”

Hearing Madame Song’s advise, Su Ran also only could nodded, and held her hand to leave

On the way home, they were sitting on the backseat of the car. Madame Song’s gaze fell on Su Ran’s little belly, and asked: “Ran Ran, how is it recently?”

Su Ran smiled bitterly for awhile, Qiao Qing just asked this question, and now Madame Song too. She felt a little bit of helplessness in herself, so she just shook her head.

Although Madame Song was disappointed, yet she still held Su Ran’s hand: “It’s okay, just slowly. But the most important, you need to pay attention to your health.”

“I know, grandma.”

Madame Song’s tone was sounded a bit imposing: “Ran Ran, you also don’t blame this old grandma that is so talkatively, asking you this question. I really ask because I worry about Wei Xi’s condition. He couldn’t wait…. Especially after going through this problem, my heart couldn’t be at ease. I’m afraid one day when I wake up and I will hear the bad news. What should I do then?”

“I will not, grandma.” Su Ran immediately grasped Madame Song’s hand too: “Wei Xi will definitely be better.”

Comforting Madame Song, actually she was also comforting herself.

Madame Song patted her hands: “I know that you get a lot of wrongful treatment. Ting Yu is also not a good thing, in his heart, he only has that opera singer. But actually I don’t know if you notice or not, he actually quite care about you. That day Song Wei Xi’s injury, you were fainted. He was really nervous than anyone, I’ve never seen him be like that…”

Is that right? Song Ting Yu was worry about her?

Su Ran looked out through the window, her heart couldn’t find the answer of this question.

This night Su Ran was home early, the time she was out of the bathroom after taking a bath, it was not yet nine o’clock.

She dried up her hair and sat down of the sofa. Then, she looked around the room and realized she hadn’t back home for several days, and Song Ting Yu too was also like her.

Supposedly tonight he also would not go home.

Su Ran took her phone from the coffee table, pressed a series of phone numbers. Then suddenly her typing movement stopped, at last she erased the number and threw the phone back to the coffee table.


What was she thinking, how could she want call Song Ting Yu? What would she say?

Let him go home, and let her to be pregnant as soon as possible?

She took the cushion from the sofa, and she closed her tired eyes. She felt doing that kind of thing without anything was really sad thing. At very least she almost…

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  1. Old Madame has noticed that Ting Yu is showing signs of caring towards RanRan

    Thank you for all of your hard work with the translaiton


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