Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 56

But You Will Not Believe It (3)

Regarding this matter Song Ting Yu had listened it briefly, this morning the Chen family members came and begged, but they didn’t kneel down on the ground, they begged them to let off Chen family.

“Because they said bad words about your Mama?” Song Ting Yu paused for awhile: “Are you willing to retell the matters to me?”

Song Wei Xi nodded, and started to speak: “Chen Xiao Bao said that his mom told him that my mama is a bad person, said that she snatched other person’s husband, moreover she pushed someone downstair….” He stopped: “I know he indicated to Auntie Bai…”

“My Mama is not a bad person, she is the best woman in the world. Papa, you will not understand….” Song Wei Xi used little hand to hold his cheeks: “Mama is too important to me, I will not let anyone says anything bad to her, I want to protect her….”

Hearing Song Wei Xi’s words, and looking at his little serious face, this moment Song Ting Yu felt his heart was attacked ruthlessly.

He smiled, and used his hand to stroke Song Wei Xi’s head: “Of course your Mama is not a bad person.”

Actually from this side, he didn’t think this fight that Song Wei Xi involved was not completely wrong, because he did it for protecting his mom, this could be understandable.

Although he didn’t approve that to handle this matter through physical forces, but sometimes to handle these kinds of things should use this kind of method.

If that time in that condition, he only weakly hid and cried on the corner, then he will not be Song Wei Xi.

But because his health was not really good, so this created serious matter. If not, he possibly just had a superficial wound. There will nothing serious, at the very least he used his best effort to protect his mama.

Song Wei Xi raised his little face to see Song Ting Yu: “But Papa, you think Mama is a bad person right? You think that Mama pushed Auntie Bai down right?”

Song Ting Yu was unable to respond to his question. Regarding to this matter, he really didn’t want to think about it. Yet all the evidences was indicated by Su Ran, yet Bai Zhi Rui also impossible to fall herself.

Actually two days after the accident happened, he went to the hotel to look for CCTV video, but very helpless and disappointed, that staircase was located near the corner, exactly the dead end of the CCTV, because it was blocked by the wall.

The CCTV video didn’t give him any useful information.

As for the CCTV video that grandma mentioned, actually she was lying to him.


Song Ting Yu puffed up his cheeks: “I know, you also think that way. You think that Mama pushed her down! No, it was her who was carelessly fell down. Moreover before it she spilled a cup of beer to Mama’s clothes. Then, she again pulled Mama. When I looked for Mama, she wanted to push her down. But Mama fortunately could hold onto the handrail, so she is okay. Then I ran over, then she fell down.”

Song Ting Yu was silent for a while: “Wei Xi, let’s not talk about this matter anymore, okay?”

“Why couldn’t we discuss about it? Papa actually you didn’t believe Mama right? You just don’t like her right? You like that Auntie Bai?” Song Wei Xi said stubbornly, this moment he wanted to hear directly from his Papa’s mouth for answers.

Because he didn’t want to let Song Ting Yu to misunderstand Su Ran again.

“Wei Xi.”

Su Ran’s gentle voice was heard by them, it broke the stiff atmosphere between the father and son.

Su Ran went inside, and passed the book from the side back to Song Wei Xi: “You read your book first, Papa Mama still have something talk outside first.”

Then she looked at Song Ting Yu: “Come out with me for a moment.”

Before she heard a bit of their short chat, previously Song Ting Yu also said he wanted to talk with her, indeed, they need to have a talk.

About the future’s path, how should they pass it.

When they both was out of the room, Su Ran checked again the sickroom’s door. She didn’t want to let Song Wei Xi listened to the details of their talk, because she afraid of Song Wei Xi would be worried.

Song Ting Yu’s hands were placed on the railing on the corridor, he lowered his head and gazed at Su Ran: “What do you want to talk?”

Su Ran took a deep breath for a while: “Concerning Bai Zhi Rui’s fall, I will once again for the last time, whether you believe it or not, I don’t care. For me that is not important. Only Wei Xi that most important for me. No matter what I want him to be healthy to live on, so could I trouble you. For the sake of Wei Xi as your son, just give him a chance? Even if it is just a play, just let him to be calm, don’t give him any pressure….”

She didn’t even finish her sentence, he just cut off Su Ran’s words. He laughed coldly, his smile didn’t reach his eyes: “Do I look so ruthless in your guys’ eyes, that I will so ruthlessly ignored the fate of my own kid? So all of you need to beg me?”

“Grandma is this way, you also be like this, em?” If you really fear that I will not care about his fate, then shouldn’t you kneel down to beg so I could really see clearly your sincerity?”

“Song Ting Yu….” Su Ran didn’t understand why he should be angry like this, she only wanted to have a good talk with him, is it not possible?

For them to have a calm interaction, is it really difficult?

“I tell you, Su Ran.” Song Ting Yu extended his hand to her back, his long finger was placed on her back neck, and pulled her to lean close to his: “Song Wei Xi is also my son. Right, at the start I maybe didn’t care about him. I missed a lot of moments with him, didn’t see his appearance from the moment he came to the earth. These three years also didn’t really accompany him to grow up. I know I am not a good father, yet I am in my way to try hard to change. These months from the month I returned, I was interacting with him. Don’t you think from our months of interaction, I will not feel anything? If there is someone tells me that he has the way to let Wei Xi live on, I will not care about anything and just do it, do you believe it?”

“But you will not believe it….” While said it, Song Ting Yu gradually released his grip: “In your heart, I couldn’t be compare to Lin Cheng Huan, right?”

Su Ran felt this moment her heart was griped, she also couldn’t said why could she felt that. She looked at the man in front of her, but couldn’t say anything.

Song Ting Yu released her hand, he was laughing, laughing at himself. Then he turned his body to leave.

Su Ran stood there for a long time, until his figure was disappeared. She turned her back slowly to, used her hand to cover her eyes, then went back to Wei Xi’s sickroom.

After she went to the sickroom, Su Hao also brought Qiao Qing come to visit Song Wei Xi.

Qiao Qing brought some tonics for them. Su Hao who just entered, looked around the room, then asked: “Where is Ting Yu?”

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  1. Oh no.. Insane grandma and scum of a grandpa come to visit…
    Thanks for the chapters.. I hope you will continue to translate Tang.. We’re just 10% into the novel..
    Jia you Tang!😘

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