Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 52

Because I’m the Shameful Third-party (1)

“I…” This moment Su Ran couldn’t say anything. Indeed that time the situation was too sudden. That time she was out of her wits, how could she have time to contact him? Afterwards, Song Wei Xi passed the critical conditions, she thought he was in distant place, just let it be, don’t let him to be worried.

“Next time any problems, don’t you hide it from me. In my heart, Wei Xi is very important.”

Su Ran was somewhat moved emotionally, she nodded. Truly these several years, Lin Cheng Huan was really caring toward them both, Song Wei Xi also are in good relationship with him.

This huge situation occurred indeed she need to tell him.

“Next time I will definitely tell you.”

Lin Cheng Huan felt satisfied to hear her answer, then he observed her. His smile was full of gentleness.

There was a cough sound from the doorway, and a knocked sound from the half-opened door.

Both Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan looked toward the door.

Song Ting Yu, who was out before, was back. Now he was standing outside the door.

His handsome face was expressionless, and just looked at Su Ran: “Su Ran, you come with me for a while. Doctor Xu is looking for us.”

Doctor Xu was looking for them definitely regarding Song Wei Xi’s matter, so Su Ran didn’t want to delay. She said to the man beside her: “Cheng Huan, you help me take care of Wei Xi for a while. I go out for a while.”

Originally Lin Cheng Huan was looking face to face with Song Ting Yu, then looked at her and said: “Go, I will take care of Wei Xi.”

Su Ran nodded, and followed Song Ting Yu out. They walked side by side to the Doctor Xu’s office, they didn’t say anything.

Anyway Su Ran felt their state of affairs now were quite good, just like his original attitude from the start, always preserving this condition will be really good.

The time Song Wei Xi is well, they immediately could say goodbye, they will not have any kind of relations and feelings.

Because she was thinking about this matter, so she didn’t really pay attention to the road. In the hospital corridor, it is common to have a lot of people come and go, especially now they were passing the corridor near the emergency room, so there were more people now.

This moment a patient was pushed inside, Su Ran didn’t pay attention, when she noticed it, it was already too late. Song Ting Yu stood on her right side, upon seeing this, he caught her elbow and pulled her to a side.

“Are you okay?”

Su Ran pressed her heart, and looked at the moving bed. She shook her head, yet she noticed this moment she was in Song Ting Yu’s embrace. She frowned: “I’m okay, you can release me.”

Song Ting Yu just felt his temple was taunted, he recalled an image on the sickroom.

Lin Cheng Huan was holding Song Wei Xi, and used his other hand to patted Su Ran’s forehead.

That condition, was looked like they were a genuine a family of three.

Yet he, is just an outsider.

Su Ran’s attitude in dealing with him was completely entirely different from her attitude with Lin Cheng Huan.

Song Ting Yu didn’t release her, instead he grasped her slender wrist, and pulled her to pass through the crowded corridor, they went outside. With his cold, he gazed at her: “Su Ran, what? Now I even couldn’t touch you a bit? Lin Cheng Huan, he could touch you as he like and you still full of smile?”

Su Ran was at her end of patience, really wanted to slap his face: “Song Ting Yu, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“Isn’t it? Think about your attitude toward me these days, you really think me as an invisible person? Su Ran, I’m your husband, stop fool around and banter in flirtation with other man in front of me!”

This moment Su Ran was mad, instead she was laughed. The cold wind blew her hair, her eyes were cold yet still elegant and beautiful: “So actually it turns out you still remember that you are my husband? I thought you already forget about it, moreover you forget it for four years, why don’t you continue to forget it? What is the point of remembering it now? Permitting yourself to be bill and coo with another woman, but don’t allow me fool around and banter in flirtation with other man?”

This way did she just admit her shady relationship with Lin Cheng Huan?

At least this moment, Song Ting Yu just think like that.

His eyes narrowed dangerously: “Su Ran, just try and say it one more time.”

Su Ran raised her head, smiled slightly, without any fear she looked at him: “To say it a hundred time, I also can do it. Song Ting Yu, listen to me. No matter who I am thinking about, and who I want to be together with, do what, it is unrelated to you. You want to control me, can, but firstly you cut your relationship first with that Bai Zhi Rui. If you couldn’t do it, then don’t also don’t mind about my problem. Between husband and wife is mutual. If you can’t do it yourself, it also mean that you don’t have any right and qualification to request other to follow your order…”

While she said these words, she clearly noticed Song Ting Yu’s eyes were colder than before.

Yet she didn’t fear at all, before his anger broke out, she just used her hand to point out his back. Then said a sentence in a low voice so only two of them could hear it: “I look this lifetime, you also cannot do it.”

She said it then pushed him away. She moved forward and non stopped paced toward the Doctor Xu’s office. She passed the woman she mentioned before, Bai Zhi Rui, but it didn’t made her paused her steps.

Bai Zhi Rui was so self-absorbed that she acted there was no one else beside her, she ran to Song Ting Yu.

Su Ran was turned her head, and smiled looked at that scene.

She was forgetting, Bai Zhi Rui also stayed at this hospital. For Bai Zhi Rui, being able to control herself to not seeing Song Ting Yu for a few days, also could be said to be hard to see.

She didn’t turned her head again, just directly paced toward Doctor Xu’s office and stopped in front of the door. She knocked.

“Come in.”

Doctor Xu was startled for a while because Su Ran was alone: “Why are you alone? What about Mr Song?”

Su Ran thought, he probably would not come.

Just a moment ago, Bai Zhi Rui looked like she was about to cry when she saw two of them together, he should be busy comforting her, how could he be here?

“He suddenly has something, so…”

Her words not yet done, the door was knocked again. A tall man figure was entered the doctor’s office, he sat down beside her and said: “Doctor Xu, I’m sorry. I’m late.”

The time Song Ting Yu sat down beside her, she casted a glance toward him, but didn’t say anything.

Su Ran also didn’t expect him to be that fast arrived at Doctor Xu’s office, also didn’t know what ways he took for urge Bai Zhi Rui, because Bai Zhi Rui’s previous appearance, looked like she couldn’t be easily comforted.

Because Song Wei Xi just experienced of that kind of events, so Su Ran was especially nervous and moreover Doctor Xu also specially asked them to meet, therefore now she was be more anxious.

“Doctor Xu, you asked us to come here?”

Every time as long it is related to Song Wei Xi’s matter, Su Ran would have this kind of response.

Doctor Xu slightly smiled: “Mrs Song, don’t you be too nervous. I searched for you, of course it still related to Wei Xi’s problem. Last time what I said to you, I hope you will always remember it. Wei Xi’s mood couldn’t be able to be fluctuate. To undergo previous surgery, his mood now was not really happy as before. But still as before, I hope Mrs Song will be as soon as possible be pregnant, then deliver the kid to save him….”



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  1. Hi Mae :),
    Thank you again Tang 😘😘😘.
    All I want now is for STY to get overly Jealous of Lin Cheng…hahahhaha… Am I Bad?
    Just want to give him a real hard time, hahahahhah… what am I thinking? Lol

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