Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 51

The Genuinely a Family of Three

Moreover, their posture also can’t help there was some too much dubious.

She immediately conditioned reflexed retreated back several steps, but a the back or her was the sofa. During his frenetic movement, she almost tripped on the sofa’s pole, and fell down to the ground.

Song Ting Yu extended his hand to embrace her waist, and pulled her back.

“How could you be this clumsy?”

His tone was sounded somewhat helpless.

Su Ran felt his hand on her waist was like a scorching hot metal, and burnt her skin.

She was afraid of this kind of feeling, so she pulled away the hands on her waist.

“Su Ran, what do you really want to do?”

“Let go of your hands.”

She was focusing on struggle free from his hold, yet she forgot her situation. Song Ting Yu stared at her beautiful little face: “You really want me to release you?”

She nodded without any slightest hesitation.

Song Ting Yu did really release his hand.

She just noticed herself was standing too unsteady that when Song Ting Yu released her, she will fell down to the ground.

Su Ran really thought she will fall down, so she screamed lowly.

Yet at the end she didn’t fell, because Song Ting Yu pulled her. Only his movement was too sudden, so his steps were also not really steady, they both still fell down to the top of the sofa.

Su Ran felt Song Ting Yu’s heavy body pressed herself down on the sofa, she almost couldn’t breath, so she struggled powerfully for a while: “Song Ting Yu, stand up.”

Regarding to her struggle action and attitude toward him, Song Ting Yu really didn’t feel content, he gripped her both hands: “Su Ran, what are you doing?”


Su Ran actually also didn’t know what was she doing, but now if Song Ting Yu leaned toward and close to her, her subconscious would resist. Because every time this happened, in her mind would appear an image of Song Ting Yu and Bai Zhi Rui together.

She would felt, perhaps a second ago, he was embracing Bai Zhi Rui, there will still a remainder of her smell. She didn’t want to stay in the embrace that was belonged to other woman.

She would feel disgusted, she really felt disgusted.

That year Su Hao was like that, he was really clear that he was a married man, but he had her mother outside.

That time she felt men’s promise was too reckless and too fake, they are hardly fulfill their promise.

She also vows, will not follow the life path of Qiao Qing, but now it seemed that she was already step on the same path.

Only, she was in different role as Qiao Qing.

Su Ran really didn’t want to stay in this kind of condition, but for Song Wei Xi, she had to do it.

This moment she wanted to get up, yet Song Ting Yu didn’t release his grip. When both of them were on the deadlock, there was slight sound from the sickbed.

Su Ran pushed Song Ting Yu forcefully, and went over quickly to the bedside.

Song Wei Xi’s little body moved, his little hand was fisted. Su Ran pulled his hand: “Wei Xi, you are awake?”

“Mama…” Song Wei Xi called her, yet he still didn’t open his eyes.

“Mama is here, Wei Xi. Are you okay? Are you in pain?”

Song Wei Xi finally gradually opened his eyes, he looked at his parents, who stood in front of his bed. They both looked emotional.

Probably because they saw his return.

“I go and call the doctor.”

Song Ting Yu turned his body to leave.

Doctor Xu came over and did some examination to Song Wei Xi, he stated that Song Wei Xi was in quite stable condition. Before he left, he looked at both of them profoundly, and especially told them that their kid’s mood was influenced greatly by his parents’ mood, so they should be aware and not it resulted to the same situation as this.

Perhaps it just simply told them even they are pretending, they needed to be affectionate in front of him.

When Doctor Xu said something like this, Madame Song was also there, then she asked them both out. Her face was full of dignity and severe expression looked at them: “I am old, now I also don’t have any other hope. My only hope is let Song Wei Xi get better quickly.”

Then, she looked at Song Ting Yu: “Song Wei Xi is really your son, can you give him a chance to continue live?”

“Grandma…” Song Ting Yu’s voice was somewhat hoarse: “Wei Xi will certainly get better.”

Madame Song waved her hand: “I also don’t ask you to cut off your disorderly relation with Bai Zhi Rui. Yet even you are pretending, can you pretend to be more real?”

Song Wei Xi stayed at the hospital for two days already, his mood was getting better. His hand no need to be infused anymore.

For her easiness in caring for him, these two days Song Ting Yu and Su Ran basically also stayed in the hospital.

Even Song Ting Yu didn’t go to his office, he finished his work in the hospital. If there was urgent matters, Tang Zi Chu would come and discuss it with him.

Su Ran also didn’t know whether he actually really suddenly care and value Song Wei Xi, or he just listened to Grandma’s word that even if it’s a play, then just pretend it realistically.


Only these two days, Song Wei Xi was stubborn, he didn’t say anything to him. Yet Song Ting Yu also didn’t familiar in how to dealing with the little kid, so their father and son relationship was this stiff.

Yet Su Ran also didn’t really speak with him, basically in this room, he just did his own thing, and Su Ran and Song Wei Xi just ignored him.

Because this recent Lin Cheng Huan all along was in abroad, Su Ran knew he was busy about his work. She also didn’t want to disturb his work, anyway Song Wei Xi was in good condition know, so she also didn’t tell him.

But simply she didn’t know how could he know about Song Wei Xi’s condition, he unexpectedly took a flight back to hurried back. The moment after he took off, he directly rushed into the hospital..

The moment he appeared, Su Ran was surprised.

He even didn’t change his clothes, and hadn’t put back his luggage.

“Cheng Huan, how come…?”

Lin Cheng Huan looked at her dull appearance, smiled, and poked her forehead: “Are you become stupid all the sudden?”

Finally Su Ran was sober, and with shocking tone she said: “How come you are back now?”

Lin Cheng Huan put down his suitcase: “I come back to see Wei Xi.”

He said it and moved toward Song Wei Xi. Song Wei Xi already opened his eyes big and looked t him. His handsome face full of smile: “Uncle Lin.”

Lin Cheng Huan hugged his little body, and used his hand to stroke his head: “Wei Xi, how are you feeling? Are you okay now?”

“Uncle Lin, I’m okay.”

For showing he was okay, Song Wei Xi raised up his fist and moved it for a while.

Su Ran passed a cup of warm water to Lin Cheng Huan, and he thanked her.

“Wei Xi already better, he is okay. How could you specially back to see him?”

Lin Cheng Huan put down the glasses: “Ran Ran, I haven’t say anything about you, if Tian Mi didn’t tell me, do you plan all along to hide the truth from me? Why didn’t you tell me ….?”



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  1. Cheng Huan is back in town . He hasn’t missed a step towards getting closer to the family that he wants. Ting Yu should take lessons


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