Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 49

How Could You Be So Clumsy? (2)

“We all understand it, thank you so much, Doctor Xu.” Madame Song said it.

Hearing that surgery was successful and Song Ting Yu would be able to regained his conscious, everyone’s worried heart also finally could be at ease.

Su Ran naturally was in hurry wanted to go inside and see Song Wei Xi. Yet Madame Song because of her old age and last night she was sleepless, her health couldn’t bare anymore a night without sleep, so Song Ming Xuan took her home to get some rest. However before she went home, she repeatedly instructed Su Ran that the time Song Wei Xi regained his consciousness, she needed to directly call back home.

Su Ran entered the sickroom, approached the sickbed which on the top was Song Wei Xi. His face was so paled and had any tiny bit of liveliness, and due of the torment of his illness so he had been thinner that his chin was quite pointy.

Su Ran picked his hand up cautiously, and placed it on her cheeks. She looked at him, and said: “Wei Xi, thank you that you still be alive.”

She should be thankful to the Lord, thank Him for not taking away Song Wei Xi from her side, thank Him that let him stayed on her side.

He just a three years old boy with a bright and long future ahead of him. He still had a lot of things that he haven’t experienced, how could he end his life?

So, luckily, he still alive, still able to do new things that he never tried before.

After Song family member one by one left, Song Ting Yu also opened the sickroom’s door, and strode inside.

The moment he entered the room, he heard Su Ran’s word of thankfulness to Song Wei Xi.

He couldn’t help to somewhat startled, the feeling between them both, was couldn’t be replace by any other.

These three years, they were mutually dependent and rely upon one another to live, every happy and unhappy moments, they just shared it together.

Although he is Su Ran’s husband, and Song Wei Xi’s father, yet it was like he basically couldn’t enter between them, regardless of whether it is in livelihood or death.

Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu had entered the room, yet she didn’t even turn her head to look him. As before she just did her thing, she cautiously put down Song Wei Xi’s little hand, and pulled the blanket to cover him well.

Song Ting Yu also approached them, he stood behind her. He ought to look at Song Wei Xi.

She also didn’t have any response. Anyway in Song Ting Yu’s heart, there was never any place for both of them, there was no in the past, maybe in the future also will be none.

At the time she was pregnant, the first time Su Hao brought the pregnancy notification with her to Song Family, he wanted to get some benefit from it.

After that happened of it not for long, Song Ting Yu made appointment with her to meet, the first time they met, he instructed her to abort the child and he would fulfill any of her requests if she do so.

That time she just a twenty years young girls, she didn’t have any feelings toward him, and also thought about having the abortion, but that Qiao Qing stated if she went through the abortion, then she would kill herself.

So in front of Song Ting Yu, she just shook her head and stated that she will deliver the baby.

Song Ting Yu laughed coldly, his long finger tapped the table: “Since you want to deliver the baby, then later on you need to keep watch of your kid, I hope you don’t regret your decision.”

That time Su Ran didn’t know whether she would be regret or not, she only knew that she didn’t have any choice. But after delivering Song Wei Xi, she never resented her choice of having him.

Because he is a good kid, what is her qualification to expropriate his right to come to the earth?

This year summer day, Song Wei Xi was diagnosed of getting some illness. That time immediately Madame Song gave a call to Song Ting Yu to ask him to go home, no matter how he is Song Wei Xi’s father. The kid is sick, he should go home to accompany him. 1331

But he refused, the reason was because his work was busy.

If they hadn’t been gone through of the ways of healing him and it turned out to be unsuccessful, perhaps today Song Ting Yu would not be standing here.

Song Wei Xi probably also would no have chance to meet his so-what called father.

In Song house they had Song Ting Yu’s photo, usually Song Wei Xi looked as if he didn’t pay attention. At first, Su Ran thought he didn’t care about it at all, yet she had noticed when he thought he was alone, he examined the photo carefully. That time Su Ran realized, actually he had strong desire and longing toward his father.

There were several times, Su Ran almost fished out Song Ting Yu’s number to call him, to beg him to come back and visit Song Wei Xi, even if just once.

She didn’t want Song Wei Xi’s impression toward Song Ting Yu just only stay forever in the photo.

There was a time she finally dialed him, but she only heard his cold voice, and hurriedly hung it up because her courage was low.

Since that time she never dialed him again.

Actually Song Wei Xi had asked her about Song Ting Yu, yet it just once, but because her inexperienced toward Song Ting Yu, how could she explain it to him his appearance and attitude?

That time seeing her expression, Song Wei Xi thought his mother was in grieve so he immediately said: “Mama, it’s okay. I just asked it without thinking the matter through, I also don’t want to know it…”

All Song Wei Xi’s words were wandering in her mind, this moment she was dizzy, so she used her hand to massage it.

This moment suddenly there was a cup of warm water passed in front her, she was startled for a moment. She raised her head and saw it was Song Ting Yu wanted to give the cup toward him, and the other hand was holding out a white pill.


“Drink the water and pill, A Zhan gave it to you, it will be good for you.”

Su Ran was silent for a moment, she also didn’t want to careless about her health. If she was fainted, who would take care of Song Wei Xi?

So she took the pill and the water.

She put down the glasses, she looked toward the window. The sky was starting to be brighten, it was already six o’clock.

Song Wei Xi looked like he would not regain his consciousness soon.

Perhaps it because the effect of the medicine, so this moment she felt her eyes were heavy, she lied on the bedside, and closed her eyes.

In a daze, she felt her body was carried up and placed on one side. She wanted to open her eyes to look at what happened, but she was helpless, so no matter how she tried to open her eyes, at last she slept deeply.

Although it was the effect of medicine, yet she actually didn’t sleep really smoothly and steadily, so she just slept for a while.

“Wei Xi!”

She yelled that name and woke up, she sat down. Perhaps because her movement was too sudden, so it implicated her mental state. She realized she was laying down on the sofa in the sick room. Her body was covered with a grey male style of coat.


2 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 49”

  1. Ran Ran has swept her mind for all the memories of her life in her dreams. Now she can only live for Wei Xi until the endShe can only pray that the end does not come.


  2. Ugh. I just want these two mother and son to go away as far as they can from this hateful father who don’t care about them.


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