Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 46

Forever You Will not Understand Song Wei Xi’s Significance to Me (1)

77527E6E-1DDF-4766-97BC-676B370AA46A.gif“Em.” Song Wei Xi was not willing to respond more.

Xi Nuan Nuan immediately opened the box, and ate the tiramisu. It probably was too delicious, she felt too satisfied, so went close to Song Wei Xi’s face and ruthlessly kissed his cheek: “Wei Xi, you are really kind to me.”

4287E8C2-CAC3-483A-862B-EE3E4408FAB3.gifSong Wei Xi used his little hand to wipe it and also wiped the remaining saliva of Xi Nuan Nuan on his face.

Xi He was so helpless that she said: “Nuan Nuan, you are a girl!”


Xi He was speechless her kid was just three years old to be said “reserved”, supposedly she also would not understand. When Xi Nuan Nuan met Song Wei Xi, there would no be this word!

Observing these two kids’ action, Su Ran’s mood was getting a bit better.

Xi He was an attentive person, she more or less understood about Su Ran’s conditions. These days was also full of that reports, and now looked at Su Ran’s unwell expression, her eyes were slightly swollen, so she asked concernedly: “Ran Ran, are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I’m quite good.”

Su Ran smiled toward her, regarding her problem and Song Ting Yu, she was unable to say anything clearly, so actually she didn’t really want and like to talk about this thing.

Xi He understood her, also didn’t want to pursue to ask further, so very quickly she turned their topic of conversation to their children’s present condition.

Xi Nuan Nuan is a lively and active little girl, basically she couldn’t sit for a long time. She was so boring when she stayed on the room so she pulled Song Wei Xi’s hand to go outside and play.

Due to this restaurant was a child-friendly environment, so in this restaurant there was a small theme park, moreover, the security of this place was quite good, would not let her to run outside the restaurant. Of course, would not also let the stranger to kidnap child.

Xi He also frequently took Xi Nuan Nuan here, sometimes because of her work, and she let Xi Nuan Nuan to play here alone. The people here will also help them to take care of the kids.


So this moment Su Ran was somewhat worried, yet she just laughed: “It’s okay, Nuan Nuan is very familiar to this place, the people here also know her, so let them to play for a while.”

Su Ran was hesitant for a moment, but still nodded.

Xi Nuan Nuan just pulled Song Wei Xi out.

Xi He also especially instructed the waitress to help to take care of both kids for a while.

They both just be in the room to chat.

Looking at Su Ran’s emotional state, Xi He comforted and said: “Wei Xi definitely will be better.”

Su Ran slightly smiled, nodded, and continued their conversation. This moment there was a knock from outside, a waiter of the restaurant said urgently: “Mrs Song, something happened to little master…!”

Hearing this, her both legs were limping, she almost couldn’t stand steadily and fell into the ground. Luckily Xi He supported her.

“What happened?”


“Little master fainted…”

Su Ran didn’t wait until he finished the sentence, then dashed out from the private room!

Song Wei Xi was fell down on the ground of the corridor near the washroom. His handsome little face, eyes, and mouth had several bruises. Xi Nuan Nuan sat down on his side and cried: “Wei Xi, Wei Xi, hurry up wake up…”

Yet beside him also a chubby little kid stood there, his face was also full of bruise, looked he was also surprised and cried loudly.

Beside him stood a young fat girl, it should be his mom, her face also was paled. Looking at Su Ran’s coming, she continuously bow down to her waist to apologize: “Mrs Song, sorry sorry, it just Wei Xi hit our little baby. So our Xiao Bao could do something like this, didn’t expect this to happen…”

“You talk nonsense!” Xi Nuan Nuan pointed her finger to that woman with her eyes: “Clearly it was Chen Xiao Bao first came to us and bullied us. He cursed Wei Xi’s mama, he said something really bad…”

That fat woman’s face was paled, didn’t expect her statement unmasked by Xi Nuan Nuan. So after a while she was changed to helplessness: “Mrs Song, this, I…”

Su Ran didn’t have heart to hear her words, she even didn’t look at her, because now her eyes just full of an image of Song Wei Xi’s helpless body on the ground.

Around them people were surrounding, they were discussed spiritedly about this matter. But no one of them carried Song Wei Xi and check on him. When Su Ran came, they just let her pass.

“Wei Xi….” Su Ran staggered along to Song Wei Xi’s side, and carried him from the ground. She looked at his tightly closed eyes, her face was very paled, and his lips had no even slight color. Her whole body was frozen, “Wei Xi, wake up. Wei Xi…”

She felt as if she was back at sometime in that past when Song Wei Xi had that sign of illness, he also fell down and laid on the ground, and wouldn’t wake up even she called him so many times.


“Call the ambulance, help me to call the ambulance…”said Su Ran.

“I’ve called it, Mrs Song. Don’t you be worried. We already called the ambulance, they will come soon…” The manager of the restaurant said it.

Because Song Wei Xi’s serious illness, so Su Ran remembered some emergency treatments way, but this moment she had used some, but still ineffective. Song Wei Xi didn’t gain his conscious even for a bit.

Hospital, the hall outside surgery room.

Song Wei Xi already entered the operation room, Su Ran was waiting outside.

She had contacted the member of Song Family, and they were on their way here.

Xi He bought a bottle of water, and passed it to her: “Drink a bit of water first.”

This moment she just stood in front of the operation room, her eyes was fixed on that big door. She didn’t even dare to blink for a while, her back view was so thin and weak that let people heartache.

She shook her head, but didn’t say anything, just stared fixedly on the door.

“Ran Ran, don’t be like this. Wei Xi will be definitely be okay…”

Xi He pulled her hand, her voice was choked with emotion: “Wei Xi is a good kid, God will not be that ruthless….”

She paused, used her hand to wipe the tears: “Just a moment Nuan Nuan told me, that Chen Xiao Bao is one of their classmate, originally he ruled as a despot. When they entered the restaurant, he just came toward them to look for problem. Also didn’t know where that boy listen to that kind of bad words, Song Wei Xi just wanted to protect you, didn’t want to permit others to say something bad to you. No matter even a sentence also cannot, so he just do it….”

“Yes…” Su Ran used her hand to cover her hand, her eyes was so teary: “He said that he will protect me…”

Looking her condition know, Xi He also felt extremely sad. She just about to say more, yet she looked the Song family’s member were here. Madame Song, Song Ming Xuan, even Chen Jing too come.

Madame Song leaned on her crutches, her steps very quick, yet also very frenetic. She came to Su Ran’s face: “Ran Ran, how is to Wei Xi?”

“He still inside.”

Madame Song swept her glance to her surrounding, but didn’t notice that tall figure then she asked: “Where is Song Ting Yu? Now this thing has happened, he didn’t come here, and wanted to just stay beside that opera singer?”


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