Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 45

Little Master Fainted (2)

14767301-F0F0-4417-B7E5-A7E95C213882She remembered clearly the conversation between them. One time Xin Nuan Nuan and Song Wei Xi side by side sat down on the floor, her whole face moved closed to Song Wei Xi’s front face, her face was full of admiration: “I am Xi Nuan Nuan. You are Song Wei Xi. Look, our name has a word “Xi”, isn’t it coincidental? So it meant we are destined to be together.”

That time Su Ran was on the doorway, and she felt amused because of it.

Song Wei Xi was always lost his mind with Xi Nuan Nuan, although he showed his deadpan face toward her, yet she able to know, actually he quite likes her.

Because Song Wei Xi was still asleep outside, Su Ran didn’t want to wake him up, so she didn’t leave the room, then just answered the phone here.

“Xiao He.”

“Ran Ran, it’s been a long time since the last time we meet. Tonight how about we eat together?” Xi He said this, her tone was somewhat helpless:”Nuan Nuan, this little girl said if tonight she doesn’t see Wei Xi, that she will get some kind of love sickness.”

Su Ran snorted, in her mind, she imagined that cute girl, Xi Nuan Nuan. She was so cute that now maybe this moment she was laying down on her stomach on the sofa, swaying her chubby little feet, with resentment she complained to Xi He: “MaMa, I really extremely miss Wei Xi.”

“Okay, later I will take Wei Xi out.”

To mention it, since Song Wei Xi was sick, he didn’t go to the kindergarten anymore. In the past when he was in the hospital, both Xi He and Xi Nuan Nuan frequently visited her. Now when they were back at home, they felt a little bit uncomfortable to visit.

Su Ran thought of Song Wei Xi’s mood for these days were not really good, she hoped by meeting Xi Nuan Nuan, that amusing little girl, his mood will be changed.

They made appointment regarding the location and time, then Su Ran hung up the phone. She looked at the time, it was half past tree, they will meet on six o’clock. They still had time, so no need to be hurry let Song Wei Xi to sleep for a little bit.

Her mood also not in a good state, her face was somewhat paled, her eyes were swollen. Going out with this kind of state, supposedly people will thought she had met a ghost.

Su Ran went downstairs to look for two ice bag to compress her eyes. She closed her eyes and put on her eyes.

Song Wei Xi woke up at four o’clock, Su Ran and him said the plan of having dinner together with Xi He and Xi Nuan Nuan, he pouted his little lips: “I just don’t want to meet Xi Nuan Nuan.”

She used her hands to pinch his little nose lightly: “But Nuan Nuan said if she said if she didn’t meet you today, she would get love sickness. So let’s go to eat together okay? Moreover, didn’t you like Auntie Xi?”

Song Wei Xi’s face full of embarrassment: “Okay, then I will go for Auntie Xi.”

Su Ran controlled her laughter, she went to the wardrobe to look for his clothes.

She already felt his mood was getting better, he was not in that bad mood, this was because of contribution of Xi Nuan Nuan.

They both got ready then went to Madame Song’s room.

Madame Song actually really approved Su Ran take Song Wei Xi go out to stroll, although he is sick, but also he couldn’t continuously be in deep melancholy and stayed at home, sometimes, it is good to go out and move his body for awhile, maybe it will benefit his body.

So of course this moment Madame Song really approved to let them out.

Su Ran drove her car, on the road he suddenly said something: “Mama, stop there for a while okay?”

Su Ran stopped the care, she was somewhat suspicious, but when she looked it was a bakery, she suddenly laughed.

Song Wei Xi was shyly moved out his face to avoid her laugh, that handsome little face turned a bit awkward and said: “Let’s buy a slice of cake before we go.”

Su Ran carried him out of the car: “I know. Tiramisu, right? That is Nuan Nuan’s favorite bakery and her favorite cake right?”

Song Wei Xi as before reluctantly to admit it: “Who wants to buy it for her? I just buy it for my own to eat.”

“But why does Mama remember that you dislike sweet things? Could it be I’m wrong?”

Song Wei Xi: “…..”

Su Ran noticed Song Wei Xi’s face started to flush, but she didn’t laugh anymore at him. She carried him into the baker, rarely they were more relax than before, so her mood also gradually better.

The moment they entered, Song Wei Xi directly went inside and stood in front of the display window of the bakery to choose the cake, even if he knew Nuan Nuan’s favourite is Tiramisu, but he still wanted to see whether there is any new sweet cakes, because toward dessert Nuan Nuan is so welcoming.

Song Wei Xi made fun of her, said if she still eat more, she will become a ball. For this reason Xi Nuan Nuan really didn’t willing to eat anything, moreover she went on hunger strike, until Xi He called Su Ran to help. Song Wei Xi couldn’t restrain himself to correct himself, and said her appearance now is really good….”

Song Wei Xi picked and chose two slice of cake, one is tiramisu, and another one strawberry cheesecake. She fished out her wallet to pay…

This moment the entrance door of the bakery was opened, that moment suddenly a strong and familiar figure appeared, she raised her head to see.

Indeed she saw it was Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu and Song Wei Xi is really similar, they both didn’t fond of sweet things, yet now for him to appear here, Su Ran of course wouldn’t believe he was buying a cake for herself, supposedly it was for Bai Zhi Rui….

Song Ting Yu also noticed them both, his handsome face showed a strange expression.

Song Wei Xi just stood beside Su Ran’s feet, this moment he dragged her hand. He didn’t say anything when saw Song Ting Yu.

He didn’t forget today afternoon’s fight.

Su Ran got calmer, she paid for the cake and take it. She carried Song Wei Xi to leave, but when she about to pass Song Ting Yu, she said: “Wei Xi, call Papa.”

No matter what happened between she and Song Ting Yu, no matter stiff and cold it is okay, but all along Song Ting Yu is Song Wei Xi’s father. They are related by blood, so she didn’t want to let them to be in bad relationship.

At first Song Wei Xi didn’t want to call him, but when he saw Su Ran’s serious gaze, he called him with his low volume voice: “Papa.”

Song Ting Yu used his hand to stroke his head, and opened his mouth to say something. However, Su Ran didn’t give any chance for him, she turned her body, take Song Wei Xi, and leave the bakery.

The originally good atmosphere, yet because their accidental meeting, they both said nothing.

Arriving at the restaurant, He Xi and Xi Nuan Nuan already waited in the room for them.

Xi Nuan Nuan wore a pink princess skirt. It had been a long time from their last meeting, it looked Xi Nuan Nuan was a bit thinner. The time she saw Song Wei Xi, she slid from her seat, didn’t say anything and just stick closely to him.

791137FD-60DD-4310-A44D-11B09CB58A19.gif“Wei Xi, Wei Xi, finally you are here. I’ve waited for you for a long time.”

Song Wei Xi used his hand to block her excessively enthusiastic little body: “You are a girl, I’m a boy. Don’t lean to close.”

Xi Nuan Nuan’s face showed a disappointment for a while, but after a long time, she really missed Song Wei Xi to death, yet Song Wei Xi looked that he didn’t even slightly missed her.

During her disappointment, suddenly she noticed a two small box in the table, that clearly was her most favorite cake. She opened her gleaming eyes, extended her hand and take it: “Wei Xi, are these cake from you?”

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  1. Yay! Another surprise! 😍😘
    The author needs to interact with young children more… Wei Xi and Nuan Nuan are way too precocious for 3-year olds. 5 or 6 maybe… Certainly not three year olds! I work with children a lot, and my comment is based on my experience 😊

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  2. Hi Tang, Im back… I really did skipped those saddening chapters, the last chap I read makes me mad… I get too carried away, but I’m Loyal you know… Hahahha.
    In which chapter would Song Ting Yu have a deadly Jealousy moment for Su Ran? Could I just jump? Im still really maaaaaddd at him…heheheh

    Thank you for ALL the Chapters and Thank you for your hardwork!!! 😘😘😘


  3. There is a mistake in the name in the paragraph :
    “Song Ting Yu as before reluctantly to admit it: “Who wants to buy it for her? I just buy it for my own to eat.”

    It is Song Wei Xi not Ting Yu right?
    Thank you for the chapter.


  4. Although they are children this is the beginning of a bad obsessive relationship skill. He is lonely so is she She is oppressive and he is passive. She will get a love disease if she can’t have him It sounds cute, It can look cute but it could also be a bad skill set to learn and use in adulthood.


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