Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Little Master Fainted


“Wei Xi….”

Hearing Madame Song called that name, she went upstair hurriedly to look at him.

Song Wei Xi was sitting down at a point in the staircase, he used his hand to hold the handrail, and looked down.

So, what just happened before he already saw and heard it.

He just woke up from his sleep, and witnessed that scene.

Madame Song was extremely feeling sorry for him, she extender her hand: “Wei Xi a…”

Yet Wei Xi was not like usual that when heard her call, he usually directly go over, but now he stood still, and went back slowly to his room.

That little figure, lonely, it let people felt heartache.

“Grandma, I’m going up first to see him.”

Su Ran immediately left the living room and went upstairs, she went to the Song Wei Xi’s room. The door was closed, she tried to used her hand to turn the door handle, wanted to open the room, but yet she noticed the door was locked.

She used her hand and ear to stick to the door, inside was really quiet and calm, she knocked the door for several time: “Wei Xi, it’s Mama. Why do you lock the door? Open the door, okay? Let Mama go inside.”

But there was no any movement inside.

Su Ran didn’t know what was he doing inside, what happened, she just felt so worried about hm, so she kept on knocking the door.

This was the first time, Song Wei Xi locked himself inside the room.

“Wei Xi, open the door…”

Madame Song also was went upstair with Song Ming Xuan’s help and support: “What happened? Wei Xi didn’t want to open the door?”

Su Ran shook her head: “He locked himself inside.”

Song Ming Xuan frowned and said: “Don’t be worry, inside this house we have the spare keys.”

Madame Song immediately instructed the butler to take the spare key for Song Wei Xi’s room and gave it to Su Ran. Everyone was waiting outside and felt worried.

Su Ran used the spare keys to open the door, she looked at his little body sat down on the wool carpet. She didn’t know what was he thinking, he lowered his head, his appearance really let people feel sad.

979531D0-0CAD-4745-AFD5-0BBDAE5882BD.gif“Grandma, let me talk with him first. You and Papa go down first and wait okay?”

She knew Madame Song and Song Ming Xuan were also worried, but now perhaps this moment Song Wei Xi didn’t want too much people disturb him.

Madame Song also knew this, so she agreed and went downstairs with Song Ming Xuan.

Su Ran went inside, and closed the door. She took a deep breath and took steps toward him.

She knelt down in front of Song Wei Xi and stroke his head: “Wei Xi, why did you lock the door? Don’t you know that we are worry about you?”

She wanted to change the subject to let him don’t think further about this thing, yet obviously cannot.

Song Wei Xi slowly raised his little face, and looked at Su Ran: “Mama, the auntie from that day is not Papa’s friend right?”

Su Ran startled for a while: “Wei Xi…”

Song Wei Xi’s little face full of loneliness: “In the past, Papa didn’t return home, you and Grandpa moreover great grandma because he was too busy. However actually it because of that auntie?”

Song Wei Xi’s clever thinking let people to admire, a lot of matters could be understood by him easily by simply thinking about it.

In the past, he just didn’t know about the existence of Bai Zhi Rui, but after today, listened to their fight, so he understood what really happen.

Su Ran used her hand to wipe her eyes, and sat down beside him. With her soft voice: “Wei Xi, you are still little. The things between adult actually is not like what are you thinking. You just need to remember, each one of us really love and care about you, okay?”

“How about Papa? Papa also care about you?”

Song Wei Xi’s words let Su Ran’s heart hurt, this moment she had difficult to breath. She faced Song Wei Xi’s little face, she didn’t know how to explain it clearly to this little kid.

She originally wanted to answer “He cares”, but she couldn’t lie, but if she answered “not care”, he will very disappointed.

She didn’t know how to handle this matter, Song Wei Xi faced upward: “Papa cares about that Auntie, right?”

“Wei Xi…”

Song Wei Xi stood up on the wool carpet, used his hand to hold Su Ran’s shoulder: “Mama, I listened to what all were you saying…”

Su Ran wanted to hold her tears, yet her eyes were getting more and more teary, so her tears fell.

“Wei Xi, sorry…”

She was so selfish that she decided to deliver him, yet she didn’t only give him a health body. She felt it was sufficient for him to receive her love, but she forgot that he also need a love from a father.

But Song Ting Yu yet didn’t give him a sufficient love.

He didn’t see his appearance what he came into the world, didn’t be there when he was started to walk, didn’t be on his side when he was sick, didn’t protect him when he was wronged…

These three years, Song Ting Yu was completely absent from all his important moments in his life…..

Song Wei Xi used his little hand to wipe her eyes, and with his red eyes too: “Mama, don’t cry. We don’t need Papa, I feel happy just to be with you….”

Su Ran rarely cried in front of him, even if she received wrong treatment from others, but as a mother, she feels she need to be strong at least in front of him.

Yet this time, she really couldn’t control herself.

Because of Song Wei Xi’s appearance now let her felt very sad.

They both hugged each other, Madame Song, who stood outside, also couldn’t help herself to let her tears fell.

She used her hands to wipe the tears, shook her head and sighed. She didn’t aware whether she said to herself to Song Ming Xuan beside her: “Song Ting Yu will regret it one day….”

Su Ran raised herself, with her completely gentle she placed Song Wei Xi on the bed as she afraid to wake him up.

Because she cried for a long time, so her eyes were swollen. Su Ran shook her head and sighed, she used her hand to cover her eyes, and took her phone to the restroom.

She used the water to wash her face, and dried her hand. She turned on the phone, and noticed there was a missed call.

It was from Song Wei Xi’s friend’s mom, Nuan Nuan’s mom.

Because Xi Nuan Nuan liked to play and stick herself close to Song Wei Xi in the kindergarten, she always followed everywhere Song Wei Xi goes, and moreover she frequently goes to the dance studio with her mother to look for them, so they are quite close with each other.

Su Ran also really like Xi Nuan Nuan, she is so chubby, and looked very cute. Although, she was quite fat, but her appearance was extraordinary excellent, she was a very beautiful little girl. Most importantly her personality was really good, she was adorable and kind.


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