Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Song Ting Yu, You didn’t deserved to be Song Wei Xi’s Papa (2)

Moreover on his chest part, also a brown red mark.

That was Bai Zhi Rui’s blood.

Song Ting Yu’s face was really cold that it let people to shudder, he opened the door and noticed Su Ran, then he was taking a big step toward her, he caught her wrist and said nothing. He dragged her out.

Su Ran startled for a while and said: “What are you doing!”

She didn’t forget that she just on her underwear. During their struggle, she tightly covered her chest. Because before she just use a bra without shoulder strap, it seemed the dress would be immediately fell down.

Song Ting Yu even didn’t turned his head to look at her, just used his big palm to drag her wrist: “Follow me.”

Su Ran felt extremely embarrassed, she powerfully took off his hand: “Where do you want to take me?”

After she was finally free, she also too late to arrange her underwear, just directly used the dress to shield her body once again. Took several backward steps, she felt this moment of Song Ting Yu was really terrifying.

She didn’t slightestly doubt, if something bad happened to Bai Zhi Rui, he will also revenge for her.

“Su Ran you still pretend to play dumb?!” Song Ting Yu took a step forward, extended his hand to pull Su Ran, his cold eyes glared at her: “Do you forget the incident that happen this night? Do you need me to remind you for a while?”

“ Do you just believe that I was the one who pushed her?”

Despite the answer was placed in front of her eyes, but Su Ran still wanted to hear the answer directly from him.

Song Ting Yu’s both arm was grasping her thin weak shoulder, with powerfully like he wanted to break her bone.

“If it’s not you, then who else?”

Not you, then who else….

Right, his heart will think that way.

His words were same as what her heart thinks. But the most hillarious thing was inside her heart had a bit of expectation that he would believe her.

At last this expectation was crushed by him.

Su Ran blinked her eyes sourly: “I almost forget, no matter in your eyes or your heart, I still that savage and tricky woman…”

This moment her expression was mournful, her eyes were red let people stirred their emotion.

Song Ting Yu almost released her hand, almost told her, he believed her….

But the image of Bai Zhi Rui’s bloodied body was too intimidate people’s heart.

Moreover, it was only her on the scene, if not her then who else?

When he took Bai Zhi Rui to the hospital, during the whole way, she didn’t completely lose her conscious, she was crying, and now her cries seemed to be keep on ringing on his ears.

“Su Ran, don’t use that kind of innocent eyes to look at me!” Song Ting Yu used his hand to pinch her cheek: “It was you who pushed her, don’t tell me she will jump by herself? Su Ran, I tell you, she was pregnant for two months, but because of your action, there was no kid anymore. Now she didn’t only lost her child, even her life will be hard to save, so don’t you pretend to be innocent? Who do you want to trick?”

So it turned out to be true that Bai Zhi Rui was really pregnant….

Actually when Su Ran looked at the blood on Bai Zhi Rui’s body, she already guessed it, but it verified only because Song Ting Yu’s statement.

She thought this should be unrelated to her, anyway between she and he, didn’t have any feeling. So what was the her relation for his problem?

Yet she thought wrong.

This moment she suddenly felt so sad.

She only felt her brain to be blanked, her head felt faintly hurt. But she tried hard to calm her feeling, and looked to the man in front of her: “Song Ting Yu, I say it one more time. I didn’t pushed her, so please don’t put the blame on me!”

“You say it really convincing.” Song Ting Yu smiled coldly: “It was clear that you purposely pushed her down, and at last you want to pretend to be innocent? That year when you put drugs on my wine, didn’t you wake up with this kind of innocent expression? Now this similar problem happened, you still want to pretend to be innocent?”

“Or, actually from the start, you already know she is pregnant so you pushed her?”

She was extremely in fury and smiled, she didn’t want to be in a dispute with him. In any case no matter how, he already had a prejudice toward her that couldn’t be changed, so why should she disputed with him?

“You can think whatever you like.”

She wanted to push him, but he tightly dragged her hand: “Now you should go with me.”

He looked like he almost lost his patient, and completely anxious.

Yet Su Ran glared at him, slowly smiled: “For which reason? Release your hand!”

“Zhi Rui needs blood transfusion, if not she will have a danger, but now the blood bank in the hospital has no stock her blood type. I looked at your data, your blood type was B, and similar with Zhi Rui…”

He still wanted to say something, but Su Ran already cut his word, and pointed at herself: “So you through the night hurriedly went home and wanted to take me as her blood bank? But, Song Ting Yu, didn’t you say my heart was vicious, for attain my goal, don’t care to use any trick? In your heart, don’t I always be someone who wants the position of Mrs Song, if that the way, Bai Zhi Rui is my most hindrance. If she dead, it will benefit me, so why should I go to save her? In everyone’s eyes, she was the one that I pushed, since I took a lot of trouble to pushed her down, then why should I let her to wake up?”

The next moment, Song Ting Yu used his hand to clutch her think neck and said: “Su Ran, I tell you, if Zhi Rui has a contingency, I will let you repay hundredfold. Now do you think you have a choice for not going to the hospital?”

He was done, and didn’t give any time for her to speak, and didn’t care of her struggle, he carried her to leave the room.

Su Ran didn’t expect him to use this way to take her away.

Now she only wore her dress, moreover, it had possibility it will slide soon, she could only with her utmost used her hand to tightly haul her skirt down, to cover herself.

“Song Ting Yu, it’s best if you release me!”


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  1. Oooo … I’m loving Su Ran’s fighting spirit! I’m boiling as I’m reading this.
    Thanks Tang for the early update. I felt so lucky to be reading this chapter at this time of the day 😘

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  2. Tang Thank you very very much…
    I really feel down and bad after I read this. Feel like I’ll be skipping some for the moment. I’m boiling….grrrrrrr!!!! I hate this kind of Part, Su Ran Leave Song Ting Yu this Instant, divorce him already and Go to Cheng Huan!!!! BET HE NEEDS SOME REALIZATION!!!


    1. Yup, sure STY is really…. but throught these sad chapters, we can really see Su Ran started to be stronger. One excuse of I can think for STY is they just get close for around 2 months so maybe STY needs more time to really see through Su Ran. However I also quite depressed of STY. If ai was SR, I’ll definitely choose LCH. 🙂

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