Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 30

What kind of Husband You are?

The charged phone finally turned on, she saw a lot of missed calls in it, it was from Lin Cheng Huan, Qiao Qing, and Tian Mi.

She gave them back a call one by one, and at last for Lin Cheng Huan.

The phone was connected, he just wanted to wish her: “Ran Ran, happy birthday.”

“Thank you.” Su Ran slightly smiled.

“Today, I gave you a lot of call, but it continuously turned off. Is there any problem?”

“I’m sorry. My phone was ran out of battery. Cheng Huan, what problem do you have for looking for me?”

“There’s nothing, I just want to make appointment with you and Wei Xi to have a dinner together.”

Since early age, Su Ran’s birthday was always been forgotten by others, Qiao Qing’s whole heart and thought was devoted to Su Hao, or she never really remember her daughter’s birthday. And Su Hao, possibly till now didn’t remember when is her birthday.

In her early age, Lin Cheng Huan was living at his grandma’s house for a period of time. His grandma’s house was located next to Su Ran’s house. Because their houses was near and just surrounded by fence. There was once, he kicked the soccer ball to Su Ran’s house. He climbed the fence to pick the ball, accidentally he saw the little girl inside the house.

That was his first time to meet Su Ran.

Su Ran was cautiously pulled on Qiao Qing’s clothes, pleaded her: “Mama, today is my birthday, later on can you give me a slice of cake?”

That time Qiao Qing was somewhat impatient, and pointed to the musical sheet on the table: “Can, if tonight you can play this song, I will buy a cake.”

Afterwards, for the whole day Lin Cheng Huan heard that the next door kept on intermittent sound of cello.

But obviously, Su Ran was not able to master the piece.

Then Lin Cheng Huan went to the bakery, and bought her a small yet beautiful cake to go home. Again he climbed the fence of two houses. Then heard of cello sound again, from the window, he saw how Su Ran was seriously practicing and without intention of stopping.

He knocked on the window, Su Ran suspiciously opened the door, then he passed the cake to her: “Happy birthday.”

After that day every year, Lin Cheng Huan would be worry that Su Ran will have a lonely birthday, so every time he will accompany her.

Today also he was looking for her, but was helpless because her phone was continuously turned off.

To find out that Lin Cheng Huan was looking for her for a whole day, Su Ran felt very apologetic: “Cheng Huan, sorry, today….”

Her words not yet done, her phone was snatched.

She turned her body and looked at it was Song Ting Yu stood behind her. He took her phone, hung up the phone, and threw it to the bedside cabinet.

Su Ran was very resentful toward his action, she frowned, extended her hand to search for it. She hadn’t finished talking with Lin Cheng Huan.

Yet Song Ting Yu pulled and stopped her, with his dark eyes, he looked at her: “I’ve told you for so many times, let you make some distance with Lin Cheng Huan. Are you thinking my word as wind past your ear?”

Su Ran was so mad, she fisted her hand and hit his chest: “But it doesn’t mean I want to cut off my ties with him. I and he only keep on being a ordinary friend!”

“Is it?” Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrow, clearly not believing it.

Su Ran glared at him: “What are your right to hang up my phone?”

“I’m your husband, is this not enough validity?”

“Husband?” Su Ran laughed ironically: “What kind of husband you are? What kind of couple we are? Moreover, we are almost divorce…”

Her voice gradually lower, there was seemed like a grief in her face.

Song Ting Yu really dislike to look her like that, when he wasn’t aware it to, he already clutched her face, lowered his hand, and kissed her forehead, eyebrows, tip of nose. He kept on moving lower, then at last stopping at her red lips, then indirectly kissed her deeply.

Su Ran’s breath gradually unsteady, and wanted to pushed Song Ting Yu, yet both of her hands didn’t have any strength.

She felt herself to be immature, just being teased by this man, she will easily went in to the trap that he arranged, and couldn’t free herself.

When they both gradually got lost in each other, the phone that was thrown by Song Ting Yu once again vibrated.

In a flash, Su Ran regained her consciousness, and pushed Song Ting Yu. She lowered her body to take it, it was Lin Cheng Huan.

It supposed to be because with no cause and no reason she hung up the phone, so he was worried, and called back.

Su Ran hurriedly answered it: “Cheng Huan, sorry. Just before something wrong with the phone.”

“It’s okay.” Lin Cheng Huan slightly smiled: “Ran Ran, I want to go abroad for a period of time. It is tomorrow night flight. Let us have a lunch and bring Song Wei Xi too. It’s been a long time for me for not meet him…”


Su Ran clenched her phone. With her both legs stood on the woolen carpet, her messy hairs, and clothes that was wrinkled and a few buttons were undo because of their kiss before.

Because of Song Ting Yu’s fiercely kissing, so now it appeared clearly her lips to be somewhat swollen red, like the most delicate fresh cherry.

She was seriously occupied on her call, yet didn’t realized that now she was really enticing.

With a few buttons of her clothes undone, it exposed her most delicate collarbone. Song Ting Yu took out a sapphire blue color case from the pocket of his coat. He opened it, and inside it was a necklace that he bought before.

He took the necklace, then moved forward Su Ran. This time he didn’t hang up her phone, he just opened the clasp of the necklace, and his hand encircled her neck to help her put on the necklace, then moved out her hair.

Su Ran just felt something cool on her skin. She lowered her head to see, she was startled

It turned out Song Ting Yu was helping her to wear a necklace.

She used her finger to poke and touch the pendant, it was a butterfly figure. Moreover, she also realized the engraving on the back. She turned it.

In a short while, she could understand the meaning of those three words.

What did Song Ting Yu intention? Why he engraved their names on the pendant?

She was immersed in her thought, that she didn’t hear clearly of Lin Cheng Huan’s words. Moreover at this time, Song Ting Yu still used his hand to clutch her shoulder, lowered his head. His lips sticked closed her ear side, then he said: “Do you like it?”

This time Su Ran was felt indescribable feeling. She liked it, but also depressed, and puzzled and uneasy.

“Ran Ran, what happened to you?” She was silent for a long time, so Lin Cheng Huan asked it.

Su Ran regained her awareness: “Nothing, what did you say to me before?”

Lin Cheng Huan’s voice was somewhat helpless: “I asked you, is your father’s problem done yet?”

“It’s…. it’s done…..”

Su Ran was trembling, her voice was somewhat unsteady, because just before Song Ting Yu suddenly opened his mouth and bit her earlobe.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! STY is such a tease😄… He sure knows where her sensitive spots are. Looking forward to him falling harder and loving her


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