Marry! My Black Horse (嫁!我的黑马) by Shi Xiao Zha 师小札- Chapter 25

85AF8015-E258-4473-84EF-87E78719F670.gifEvery time Fei Jun’s night attack it will lead to the inefficiency in Guan Xin Mu’s work. She kept on yawning, and only depended cups of coffee to be sober. She couldn’t read and arrange clearly to the pile of materials on the computer. It seemed from now on that even she started to work nonstop until the early in the morning, it also couldn’t not be done, as a result her heart was discouraged and she decided to procrastinate it later. Her gaze was somewhat dull stared at the computer screen, her mood was floating.

“Xin Mu.” Pei Jin coarsely yelled for her.

Guan Xin Mu snapped out of her mind, raised her hand, and looked at the Pei Jin, who was standing in front of her with her red nose.

“Please send this revised planning document and manual book to the Bo Da,” Pei Jin laughed bitterly, “Originally I wanted to personally deliver it, but today I am having a great flue. [cough] [cough]….” She kept on coughing.

“No problem.” Guan Xin Mu took the two thick folder, she also wanted to go out to take a breath of fresh air.

“Then sorry to trouble you.” Pei Jin said it softly.

When Guan Xin Mu raised her body from the chair, her waist was aching, she once again remembered what happened last night. Last night how could this be because of Fei Jun, the beast. He was really shameless, despicable, treacherous man!

It was not yet half past ten, the air outside was really good, the bustling street still looked thriving. Guan Xin Mu took a deep breath, she felt her sleepy brain was more sober than before.

She went to the Bo Da communications, she told the front desk about her situation. The receptionist called Qiu Jing, the secretary’s of Chu Wei Ran. When Qiu Jing heard that Hua Mei’s representative had come, immediately she said yes. The phone was hung up, Qiu Jing was somewhat confused, because Chief Chu over and over again urged her that if Hua Me’s representative had come, just take her to his meeting room. Chief Chu was someone who took seriously conduct of himself, she couldn’t understand why did Chief Chu was setting his heart on the Hua Mei’s company, it is not a big company with a great strength and potential?

Qiu Jing personally went down to pick up Guan Xin Mu, and guided her toward the floor that belong to the director.

The elevator dinged, and the door opened, Guan Xin Mu smelled a hint of fresh and clean blueberry scents, she couldn’t help herself to take a breath of this pleasant smell. She followed behind Qiu Jing, she started to observe the surrounding. The basic color was comfortable bright khaki color, ant not that kind of black, brown, and grey that made heavy atmosphere. Along the corridor sides were full of pretty huge bonsai, soft tender emerald green deep green.

They arrived in room 3206, Qiu Jing stopped, then opened the door and brought Guan Xin Mu inside.

It was very bright and spacious room and combined with the director’s office. Last time when she came with Pei Jin to meet Chu Wei Ran, he was not in this floor and also not in this meeting room. This room apparently was decorated to be more comfortable and plainer than the previous one.

Qiu Jing withdrew, inside the room just only Chu Wei Ran and Guan Xin Mu. Chu Wei Ran raised his body, and relaxingly asked: “How about a cup of tea?”

“Anything is okay.”

Chu Wei Ran went to his cabinet, and opened it to take out his personal collection of teas. Then, he did something that let Guan Xin Mu shocked, he unexpectedly personally made a cup of tea for her. She hurriedly smiled and thanked him, she felt somewhat overwhelmed by favor.

This tea was quite good, the green and plum tea leaf was whirling dance under the clear water, the clear water gradually changed into golden-bright and dazzling color. Guan Xin Mu drank it, it taste somewhat bitter.


“This is a really good tea.” Guan Xin Mu praised it.

Chu Wei Ran’s lips slightly crooked up: “No, it is a common tea, it also cheap like the one sold in street stall.

“A? I feel the flavor was quite okay.” Guan Xin Mu sipped it once again. The first she drank it, it tasted somewhat bitter, but later on the flavor was good, there was a plumb sweet scent, “I always like to drink plum tea.”

“Is it?” Chu Wei Ran said it lowly, his hand already opened the folder that Guan Xin Mu brought, seriously reviewed it.

Guan Xin Mu waited him on the side, and conveniently secretly observing him for a while. He was very earnestly when looked at the document, seemed as he expended a great deal of effort to look for a mistake, his brows slightly frowned, his long finger turned page over page. His expression was not really relaxing. When she looked at it, she felt her somewhat nervous about it. For this reviewed plan and the manual book, she had looked over it for a few times, felt that it was quite invulnerable, should be no problem.

The air around the room was filled with the blueberry fresh and clean scent, Guan Xin Mu raised her head to look at the interesting and marvelous landscape painting that hung on the wall.

“What is this mean?” Chu Wei Ran suddenly asked, his voice was very deep.

Guan Xin Mu’s heart couldn’t help but shocked for a while, hurriedly raised her body to go to him, asked: “Which one?”

Chu Wei Ran didn’t move, he even didn’t raise his eyes, just said: “Come here a bit more.”

Guan Xin Mu closer a bit more.

“More closer a bit.”

Guan Xin Mu moved a little bit closer again, realized she was already stood in front of him. The sleeve of his shirt was really close to her, that she was able to clearly smelled the scent of his body, it was a peppermint perfumed soap and shaving cream scent. She lowered her head and focused on the thick planing document. His long finger was shifted to the ninth page of last part. She looked at it seriously, completely unaware of his gaze was already fell on her cheeks and necks.

“This operation indeed a bit complicated, but we designed two styles. One style was focused on 35 to 50 years old of audience, and the other was targeted for over fifty years old audience. The last style operation was simpler, only vibration, pounding, and massage, these three functions…” Guan Xin Mu explained.

Chu Wei Ran’s gaze suddenly changed to be more deep, his arm intentionally extended out, went around Guan Xin Mu’s waist, and slowly wanted to tighten up.

“A… Atchoo!” Guan Xin Mu suddenly sneezed, maybe it was because of the scent of Chu Wei Ran’s body was not really suitable for her, her nose was itchy, and sneezed again.

Chu Wei Ran’s arm immediately stopped, and asked softly: “Are you okay?”

“Sorry, Chief Chu! I am too lack in manner!” Guan Xin Mu hurriedly apologized, “I didn’t spread to you right.”

“It’s okay.” Chu Wei Ran said it leisurely, with his pleasant smile, “Continue your explanation.”

Guan Xin Mu continued to explain to Chu WEi Ran, now Chu Wei Ran looked to be more fussy, his questions were really much. Every time she was done with her explanation, he would mention another question…. It went on for an hour, Guan XIn Mu felt her calf to be very tired.

“Basically there is no other problem.” Chu Wei Ran closed the document, and raised up his hand to look at the watch, “It is lunch time.” He said it then pressed the telephone, commanded Qiu Jing to bring two set meals inside.

“Chief Chu, no need to do it. I can hurriedly go back and eat.” Guan Xin Mu smiled.

“Eat together.” Chu Wei Ran said, then raised his eyes to look at her, “You don’t willing to eat together with me?”

“You’e too kind, it just…” Guan Xin Mu thought, always be working together, their interaction time was quite long, no need to be argumentative, “Okay, let’s eat together.”

The seat meal was very plentiful and abundant, it has pork chop and eel. For the vegetable it consisted of asparagus , garlic sprouts, and cauliflower, and moreover there is a bowl of chicken soup. For the dessert, there was a sweet pudding. This let Guan Xin Mu immediately to feel happy, when she was about to eat, she remembered something, immediately took out her phone and sent a message to Fei Jun: “It is lunch time.” Fei Jun’s work made him lack of devotion toward his health, frequently wronged his stomach, that let Guan Xin Mu very worry.

“To whom you sent a message?” Chu Wei Ran slowly rolled up his sleeve, walked to the long table in front.



“It is Fei Jun.” Chu Wei Ran laughed, “In the past, we were together in the hiking club. I had a deep impression of him. He was very perseverance, his skill and experience of hiking was very abundant. Every time we hiked to the top of the mountain, when everyone was already gasped for breath, he wa okay, calmly surveying the scene from the elevated position. That time I felt this man was really smart, very calm and also very strategic.”

“Really?” Guan Xin Mu smiled. For other people’s praise toward her husband, she was a bit unable to control herself that she felt somewhat be over the moon.

“But he rarely talk, if others didn’t talk to him, he will not initiatively talk. He looked to be hard to see.” Chu Wei Ran slightly twitched his mouth, and said, “Speak truthfully, I was a bit surprised to see your marriage partner is him.”


“Because it looked like you came from different kind of world.” Chu Wei Ran said it frankly.

Guan Xin Mu was confused, not clearly understood his meaning, “Different kind of world?” Was it mean that she was not matched to Fei Jun or Fei Jun was not fit for her? It was clearly the first one was more possible.

“What do you like from him?” Chu Wei Ran sat down, opened his lunch box and chopsticks. He paused for a moment and looked at her.

“His strong points is quite a lot. But regarding what I most like of him, I can’t really describe it.” Guan Xin Mu said, “sometimes liking someone has no reason, isn’t it?”

“Right.” Chu Wei Ran’s eyes suddenly darken, “Indeed there is no reason.”

After they were done, Guan Xin Mu packed up her things, and once again checked whether she left something behind. Then she said goodbye to Chu Wei Ran. Before leaving, Chu Wei Ran suddenly said: “Ms Guan, what do you think of me?”

“Chief Chu? You are very professional, very easy-going, no arrogance, it is cheerful to interact with you.” Guan Xin Mu said.

“Do I look like someone annoying?” Chu Wei Ran showed his charming smile, and slightly inclined his head.

“Absolutely not.”


Going back to Hua Mei when she just about to enter her office, Guan Xin Mu was stopped by Wang Li. She was wearing a high heels, with her delicate voice asked: “Sister Guan, you just came back from Bo Da?”

“Yes, I sent the document there.”

“Did you meet Chu Wei Ran?”

“Yes, why?”

“Nothing.” Wang Li was a bit awkward, “Sister Guan, I really envy you. If earlier I knew, I would just enter your group. Your group always accept best quality of projects. The one our group assigned was small workshop.”

“Haha, you cannot say like that, the chance will be equal. Perhaps the next chance will be on you group.”

“Even better also will not compared to yours now.” Wang Li sighed.

Before getting off work, Guan Xin Mu took a call from Fei Jun, he told her: “Wait for me, I will pick you up. We will together to Ma.”

“Can I not go?” Guan Xin Mu was panicked, she really didn’t want to meet Chen Wan.

“You should go.” Fei Jun laughed indistinctly, “This is husband’s order.”

Fei Jun took Guan Xin Mu to eat dinner together with Chen Wan, when they entered, Chen Wan said faintly: “Indeed it is rare to see you both.”

“Ma.” Guan Xin Mu as before stiffly greeted her.

“Em, the foods were already prepared, let’s eat together.” Chen Wan said it then sighed.

During the dinner, Chen Wan enquired solicitously about Fei Jun’s well-being, asked about his work whether it is tiring or not, about his appetite, his sleep, his pressure. Fei Jun answered it one by one patiently. She asked for a long time, then her gaze fell on Guan Xin Mu, with somewhat formal disaffection said: “Xin Mu also, don’t work too hard, you need to eat on time.”

Guan Xin Mu nodded.

After the dinner, Guan Xin Mu went to the kitchen with the maid to prepare some fruit. Because toward food Chen Wan was a bit picky, so for the fruits, it need to be immersed more than two times in the salt water first before being first. Guan Xin Mu did it in methodically arranged, she chatted with the maid, maid was smiling and said: “She is happy because you guys are coming. Old people actually is always lonely, the greatest hope is chatting happily to the son and daughter.” This word in a flash let Guan Xin Mu’s heart soften. To speak truthfully, Chen Wan also was somewhat pity, she was living here alone in this big house. Everyday she just spent it with maid together, she and Fei Jun was not frequently come, become an elder indeed will feel very lonely.


When she started to sympathize with her, she heard Chen Wan’s voice so loud and somewhat urgently, apparently she was reprimanded Fei Jun.

“Isn’t what all my doing is for you? Jun Jun, how could you talk like that to me?”

“Sure enough now you have a wife, you’ve forgotten your mother!” Chen Wan’s coldly said, “You just care about your wife, look whether in the future you will spoil her rotten!”

The time Guan Xin Mu served out the fruit, Chen Wan was already panting with rage and went upstair. It was just Fei Jun left on the living room, he was sitting down on the sofa, his gaze was somewhat deep and helpless.

“What happened?” Guan Xin Mu asked.

“It’s nothing.” Fei Jun pulled Guan Xin Mu to sit down on his tight, and both his hand hugged her waist.

“What are you doing! Mind your manner, everyone is looking!”

“Ma is already going upstairs, she couldn’t see it.” Fei Jun lowered his head and suddenly kissed her forehead, and with low voice said; “What did you wear today? Why is it so aromatic?”

Guan Xin Mu slapped his beast claw, said: “Did you just have a fight with your mom? For me?”

“For you? If it was for you? Will you be happy?” Fei Jun laughed lowly, lowered his head then once more kissed her neck.

Guan Xin Mu’s whole body shivered, yet couldn’t struggled off Fei Jun’s hold, she laughed gurglingly: “Okay, a little bit happy, but… it doesn’t mean you can’t anytime and anywhere groped me!”

“I have the right to do it anytime and anywhere, in every occasion handle you.” Fei Jun said dubiously, slightly raised his brow, then hugged her tightly.

He suddenly used some part of his body to poke on Guan Xin Mu’s butt, she was afraid that she almost yelled.

Seeing she was just turned somewhat pale, he just be satisfied and teasingly laughed, relaxing said: “Let it be, let us go home then play, now I won’t tease you anymore.”

She inclined her head to see him, he already recover his proper calm facial appearance, there was just indistinct smiled on his face. Didn’t now why, every time looking at his eyes, there always a habit to be immersed in it. Every time smelled his scent, always felt that was most pleasant smell, every time hold hands tight with him, the warmth of his finger will transferred to her, and she immediately felt warm. He subconsciously massaged her ring finger, her heartbeat will beating faster, as ring ringer was connected to the heart.

She suddenly felt herself to be somewhat lucky and happy, and didn’t dislike his mature age. The reality of their 10 years age gap, let him able to protect her, care about her, and let her not receive any kind of maltreatment.


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