Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 29

Peeking at Him

She flushed for a while, then extended her hand to take the bouquet: “Thank you.”

“There is 99 roses, Papa especially chose it, he said it means enduring love while the world lasts.” He paused: “Mama, do you like it?”

Song Wei Xi this sly fairly, it was clearly that he was the one said 99 flowers, but yet now he said it was Song Ting Yu’s intention.

“I like it.” Su Ran nodded.

“So today is Sister Ran Ran’s birthday? Sorry, we all don’t know about it. Sister Ran Ran, happy birthday.” The people surround her said it all together.

“Thank you.”

Su Ran was a low-key person, so she will not mind about these things, so for her birthday, she also would only have dinner with Tian Mi and Lin Cheng Huan. She sometimes even forgot about her birthday, like this year.

These several people were very understanding, so after wishing her to have a happy birthday, they all left altogether.

In a split second, there were only three of them left.

Song Ting Yu said: “Let’s eat dinner together?”

“Okay.” Su Ran passed Song Wei Xi to him: “Please wait here for me for a while, I will go to change clothes first.”

Su Ran went to the dressing room, Song Wei Xi leaned to Song Ting Yu, he blinked his eyes and said: “Papa, is mom’s dancing beautiful?”

This moment Song Ting Yu’s mind was full of an image of Su Ran’s beautiful dancing, his heart felt like it was strike for a while, he nodded: “Beautiful.”

“Mama is really good at dancing, Nuan Nuan also like to see her dancing.”

“Nuan Nuan?”

“My kindergarten’s friend, she is the most annoying, she likes to follow people, and likes to follow us around….” Although this moment Song Wei Xi said that he was annoyed, but his expression didn’t show any bit of impatient.

Today was weekend, moreover it was dinner time, so Song Ting Yu was worried there would be no seat for them. So he already commanded his assistant to reserve the seat.

After the dinner, it was cake. Inside the private room, the lights were died out. Then, the waiter pushed a cake with candles inside, and a birthday song was sounding.

The cake was pushed inside, looked at that cake, he said: Mama, hurry up make a wish.”

Su Ran glanced at the empty seat in front of her. Just before after finishing dinner, Song Ting Yu just went outside for a while, and hadn’t came back.

Didn’t know whether there was some problem?

Song Wei Xi continuously asked her to make a wish, she closed her eyes. Of course, she wished that her forever most important people will be able to be safe. Especially for Song Wei Xi, could be able to grow up healthily.

After she made a wish, together with Song Wei Xi, they blew the candles. Then the light inside the room brighten again.

There was still song played.

But it was not somewhat birthday songs, but it changed to a classic Cantonese language song. <<15th of the month serenade>>.

Su Ran was just able to see, actually the man who was playing violin beside the waiter, unexpectedly was Song Ting Yu.

Was he going outside before for this?

It was clear that Song Wei Xi knew about this, no wonder he also didn’t ask about him.

The violin was placed on Song Ting Yu’s shoulder, he played it very well.

Su Ran had never known that he had this kind of talent.

Song Ting Yu continuously played the song until the end, then put down the violin and passed it to the person behind him. He went back to his seat.

Song Wei Xi was behaving like his little fans, he kept on clapping his hand and showed his big thumb: “Papa, you play really well.”

Song Ting Yu smiled, and looked to the front for a while. This time Su Ran was raising her head, and their gaze met. Her long eyelashes trembled for a while, then panickly she shifted her gaze.

She appeared like she was caught off doing something, so she was blushing.

Song Ting Yu knew that before, she was secretly peeked at him!

Song Ting Yu took a sip of his red wine, yet his eyes never left from Su Ran.

Song Wei Xi placed his own gift and passed it to Su Ran: “Mama, this is my present to you.”

Su Ran opened the boxes, and from inside she took out the wind chime hand-made by Song Wei Xi. It was all consisted of shells. Although it was not really good, yet it was from Song Wei Xi’s hardworking and heart.

Song Wei Xi merely one time went to the Su Family house accidentally noticed her collection chest. Inside it was a lot of shells. She said to him that when she was little, she like to go to the beach to pick shells. She didn’t expect him to remember, and moreover secretly picked this much shells, to make her a wind chime.

This moment Su Ran placed the wind chime on her hands, her eyes were somewhat moist. She kissed and kissed Song Wei Xi’s little face: “Wei Xi, thank you. Mama really likes it.”

Song Wei Xi hugged her, and with his little soft voice said beside her ear: “Mama, Papa also prepared present for you.”

Su Ran looked at the bouquet of white roses beside her, she thought she had received Song Ting Yu’s present, the fresh flowers, songs, cakes, and a dinner.

Su Ran was so happy today, Song Wei Xi also felt it. Today his mood is especially good, after the dinner, he didn’t ready to go home, he still wanted to go to pedestrian street to stroll.

Unlike the big shopping mall, in pedestrian street always full of people. Even if it was this cold winter, there will also be a lot of people around.

Song Ting Yu didn’t fond of this kind of environment, so Su Ran thought he would reject it. She didn’t expect him to agree it, and also very patiently accompany them to stroll for a night.

Because Song Wei Xi’s illness, so he couldn’t eat indiscriminately. However the pedestrian was full of various of snacks, and moreover food bazaar. When they strolled, the smells of food were everywhere. Song Wei Xi leaned forward and resting his upper body on Su Ran’s embrace, and straightly looked at her eyes….

He was a little foodie, but since his illness, his diet was restricted, a lot of food couldn’t be eaten by him.

This moment Su Ran felt a bit sad, she tightly hugged Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi be good, wait until you are healthy, then later on you can eat everything you want, okay?”

Song Wei Xi so understandingly said: “Okay.”

Although Song Wei Xi didn’t eat what he wanted, yet he bought a lot of things he wanted, so he still felt satisfied. He didn’t feel tired, when they were back in the car, he was playing with his little toys.

Arrived at the Song family house, Su Ran went first to the Song Wei Xi’s room to help him take a bath. She waited until he was asleep then went back to the room.

Song Wei Xi kept on pulled on her hand, mysteriously said: “Mama, Papa still has present for you.”

Su Ran asked him of what kind of present is it, and yet he just covered his mouth and don’t want to share it, he said that it would not be a surprise then.

When Su Ran went back to her room, Song Ting Yu was in the bathroom taking a bath. She charged her dead phone.

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