Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛 – Chapter 19

What’s your future plan?

It had been a long time for her to sleep this late.

Su Ran had her own dancing studio, when Wei Xi was healthy, she woke up at seven o’clock in the morning. She ate breakfast together with him, and sent him to the kindergarten. Then, she went to work, it was only on the weekend she will wake up this late.

However since Song Wei Xi was sick, she basically didn’t go to work again, and moreover she never sleep until the afternoon.

She didn’t use to wake up this late again.

She hurriedly prepared and arranged herself and hurriedly went downstairs.

Today Song Wei Xi’s mood was quite good, he was sitting down and drawing on the wool carpet. Madame Song was not home, Chen Jing was on the other side of the seat elegantly arranged the flowers.

“Ma, morning.”

Chen Jing unhurriedly looked at her: “It’s not really morning anymore.”

Su Ran knew that Chen Jing didn’t fond of her, because in her eyes, Su Ran was just a foxy woman with hidden motive and will go through different tricks to achieve her motivation.

Regarding Chen Jing’s attitude, Su Ran already used to it: “Last night I was somewhat tired, so I sleep longer.”

“Tired?” Chen Jing coldly groaned, didn’t say anything more, and continued her own things.

Su Ran felt, toward Song Wei Xi, Chen Jing also didn’t really fond and close with him. Su Ran didn’t know if it was related to her matter, many times, Chen Jing would rather do her own hobbies, but will not accompany Song Wei Xi even for a while.

Song Wei Xi from his early age also was also smart and understanding boy, naturally he could sensed Chen Jing’s attitude toward him, so he didn’t get close to her.

He liked Madame Song more than her.

Today Su Ran wanted to go to the hospital for a while, so after the breakfast, she accompanied Song Wei Xi to play for a while, entrusted him to the nanny, then left.

Although she had her own car, but drove the car it was not a sensible acts. She didn’t want to trouble the driver, so she called her Tian Mi, to let her came over and took her to the hospital.

Tian Mi and she opened a dance studio together, so their time were relatively free.

Su Ran got in the car and noticed Tian Mi was glaring at her, her whole body was not uncomfortable: “What?”

Tian Mi sneered and used her hand to pull Su Ran’s scarf: “You are already this way, yet he still didn’t let you go?”

Su Ran’s face slightly blushed, and patted her hands: “Don’t joke anymore.”

“Who are joking with you?” Tian Mi on the other side talked, on the other drove the car to the main street: “With both of your daily frequency, I can be sure you will conceive a child soon. But, Ran Ran, what’s your future plan? How about this second child?”



Su Ran stayed silent for a while, shook her head: “No matter what, I want Wei Xi to be healthy. I don’t care too much about it. I will deal with the future later on.”

What’s the point of thinking that much?

No matter what the future hold, this was her life, she needed to keep on going.

Now Su Ran was inseparable with Song Wei Xi, so even if she needed to go to hospital, she didn’t want to take a long of time. She wanted to go home quickly.

During the trip, Su Ran’s phone continuously ringing, all of it came from the same number.

She set the phone in silent mode and put it in her bag, she didn’t pay attention to it.

Su Hao liked to call her, just let him call, she also wanted to see his patience.

But Su Ran absolutely didn’t expect, Su Hao didn’t find her, he will actually call to Song Family house.


Just a moment ago, she entered the entrance door, and walked toward the living room, the maid took the phone toward her and said: “Mrs, Mr Su is looking for you.”

Chen Jing who was also sitting down on the living room, also heard what the maid said, so she raised her head to look, at on her face, it was a disdainful smile.

Su Hao already called to Su Family house, even Su Ran didn’t willing, she only could force herself to take it.

After it was connected, Su Hao said: “Ran Ran, how can there is no one answer your phone, I’ve called you so many times? I’m afraid you had some accidents.”

Su Hao was always like this, clearly he just saw her as a pion, but he always like to pretend to care about her.

A simply pion will always be pion, how can anyone sincerely care a pion.

“I’m okay.” Su Ran knew his motives, so she didn’t ask his purpose of his call.

Chen Jing who was on the living room and sat on the sofa side, although was busy with her own hobby, but her both eyes repeatedly looked toward her side.

“Ran Ran, it’s about the last thing Papa mentioned to you, have you say it to Song Ting Yu?”

He sensed Su Ran immediately silent, then said again: “I know that day my tone was not really pleasant. I’m here to apologized to you, how is your injury? You.. clearly know that your mother’s is not mentally healthy, when she relapsed she can hit her, how can you didn’t dodge it?…”

“You don’t have any rights to speak about her! After all who made her to become like this?!” Su ran fiercely retorted without listening to Su Hao’s ending sentence.

She also knew Su Hao didn’t have much feelings toward Qiao Qing, but she didn’t expect him to say something like that about Qiao Qing.

Su Hao was a male chauvinism, he was yelled by Su Ran that way, he didn’t feel very well. But he had no choice because now he was begging her to help so he could only be patience. He slightly coughed, and patiently said: “Ok, ok, ok, I will not talk about it, but Ran Ran, Pa’s investment matter you need to certainly to speak it to Song Ting Yu. I look he is quite caring about you, that amount of money will not be a problem…”

“You’re thinking too highly of me, I don’t have any place in his heart, so I couldn’t give you any help. I already said, if you need it, you can personally ask him.”

It seemed that Su Hao didn’t have any patience anymore, his voice an anger: “If I can ask him by myself, long ago I will already ask him, why I need to ask it from you? Su Ran, now also didn’t scared to tell you the truth. This project I already targeted, after a few days, the money needed to be stuffed in. If I don’t stuff it, you will know the consequences. At worst I will enter the prison, Su family will be bankrupt. Your mother will also bear the consequences, she is so caring about me, I’m afraid that time she will be a madman?”

That moment Su Ran was full of anger: “How can you be this shameless?”

Su Hao laughed coldly for a while: “You do as you see fit.” He then hung up the phone.”

Hearing the telephone long and repeated “du du”, Su Ran felt her uneasy.

She put down the phone, when she raised up her head , Chen Jing looked at her and asked her: “Why did your father look for you?”

Regarding her call with Su Hao, despite Chen Jing didn’t really clearly heard the focus of their talk, but she supposed can guess the bits and pieces

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