Remarry, No Way!(想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛 – Chapter 17

Because Mama Did Something Wrong



In his eyes, Su Ran was a woman who could not bear loneliness, so she liked to seduce man right?

She was extremely angry and laughed: “Please Mr Song be at ease, no matter how cannot hold my self, I will wait until our divorce happened.”

At first, she thought her sentence will let Song Ting Yu felt a little bit relieved, but didn’t expected, his face turned to be more unpleasant.

This time, the door was knocked.

Lin Cheng Huan brought the doctor.

That day Su Ran was picked up by Madame Song’s people to go home to Song’s house, according to her,  there’s nothing that the doctor could do at hospital, Su Ran just needed rest. So it was better to rest at home as they will be more people to care for her.

Su Ran very grateful that Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything about cause of her back wounds, so when Madame Song asked about the happened, she was able to lie that was because of the she accidentally hit the a flower pot that it smashed into bits.

Su Ran didn’t want to let a lot of people about Qiao Qing’s illness, moreover didn’t want anyone to think that she was a monster.

In the past, Qiao Qing was unmarried yet pregnant, she was kicked out by Qiao’s family, she had received a lot of discrimination. Su Ran didn’t want in her old ages, Qiao Qing will experience the same thing again.

Moreover regarding Song Wei Xi, Song Ting Yu had warned him, so he didn’t say any words.

Regarding a broken flower pot smashed into her back, Madame Song clearly didn’t believe it, but she didn’t ask anything further.

Since the yesterday’s matter, Song Wei Xi always feel worried that Su Ran will experience the same thing again, therefore often he will come out to her room’s door and peek at the space between the door to see her for a while. Then, he will feel relieved.

But he didn’t really get inside, because he remembered Madame Song’s message that Su Ran need to rest.

Su Ran once again caught a sight of a little figure stood in front of the door, also that little head, she laughed: “Wei Xi, come here.”

Song Wei Xi came over, took of his shoes, and climbed to the bed: “Mama, did I wake you up?”

“No, I just have been sleeping too much, so I cannot sleep anymore.” Su Ran said softly.

Song Wei Xi lifted up his handsome face to look at her, he looked as if he wanted to say something, and then stop, finally he still said it: “Mama, why did grandma hit you?”

That was the first time Song Wei Xi looked at that angry Qiao Qing, probably it will be hard for him to erase that kind of image from his brain.

But Su Ran didn’t hope he will have a bad memory about Qiao Qing.

“Because Mama make a mistake.”


“If you made a mistake, you can just admitted, why should grandma hit you?” He wrinkled his delicate nose, and still didn’t understand it.

Su Ran stroke his head, slightly smiled, “Wei Xi, you are still small, there is a lot of problem that you will understand when you grow up. But you need to remember that grandma loves mama. Of course, she also loves you too.”

Song Wei Xi was not quite understand, but he still nodded.

Song Ting Yu went home and saw the interaction between mother and son. Their bodies where leaned on the pillow, and Song Wei Xi’s head leaned on Su Ran’s shoulder, this image undoubtedly soft and sweet, Song Ting Yu stood there and watched them for quite a long time, until Song Wei Xi accidentally turned his head and caught a sight of him: “Papa.”

He then went toward the inside of the room.

Su Ran remembered today’s matter that was not happy for them, felt a bit awkward, she sat down on the bed, coughed softly: “You are home.”

“Em.” Song Ting Yu faintly respond a word, he went over and used his hand to stroke Song Wei Xi’s forehead, then took off his outer coat, pulled his necktie and threw it all to the top of the chair. He then went to the bathroom to take a shower.

The time Song Wei Xi was already brought by his nanny to get a rest, Su Ran was looking for her medicine and planned to apply it. She undid the button, when she about to drop a medicine to her back wound, who knows, the bathroom’s door was suddenly opened and Song Ting Yu came out with a towel encircled his lower body.

It was a clearly beautiful picture of man who just took a bath.

But Su Ran didn’t have any intention to appreciate the man in front of her.

Because she realized her clothes was half-taken off, and because of her back wounds, so she just wear invisible underwear without any back tie. This kind of underwear was not at all sturdy, so this moment because her movement and some loose, her chest two soft graceful curve were shown.

Su Ran had a very beautiful collarbone, like a butterfly who wished spread wings and fly.

That kind of collarbone was called as butterfly bone, or beauty woman bone.

When Su Ran realized Song Ting Yu’s gaze on his body, she blushed, and panicky hurriedly straighten out her clothes.

Song Ting Yu didn’t really talk, his hand took a clean towel to wipe dry his hair, and he went to the changing room.

Seeing his tall figure disappeared, Su Ran sighed her before supressed breath.

She didn’t expect Song Ting Yu to finish his bath so quickly.

She loosen her collar, she took the medicine from the hospital and slowly strolled toward the bathroom, she undid her button again, looked at her reflection on the giant mirror very cautiously applied the medicine.

Because the wound was on her back, it was for her her to applied it. Every time she stretched her arm to apply it to the wounds, it felt like it pulled her wound, it was so painful that she couldn’t hold her tear.

She looked at herself in front of the mirror, she laughed bitterly there a little bit feeling of helplessness.

She was thinking, did she need to I ask Tian Mi to come here for awhile to help her to apply the medicine.

Since in the past every time she was sick, she will help her to treat it.

When she was letting her imagination run away with one, bathroom’s door suddenly was knocked from the outside.

She was surprised, the medicine ointment was almost fell down to the floor.

With his sweet, pleasant and soft voice, he tried to get inside: “Su Ran, open the door.”

Su Ran frowned, she sorted out her clothes, and opened the door.

Song Ting Yu already wore a home clothing and stood in front of the door: “Go out.”

“What’s the matter?”

Song Ting Yu didn’t answered her, directly got inside the bathroom, and took the medicine from her hand: “Can you apply the medicine by yourself?”

Su Ran recalled back the difficult situation before, stayed silent for a while, however she didn’t want to give impression of the weakness in front of him, snatched the ointment from him: “I can.”

“Who do you lie to?”

Song Ting Yu crooked up his lips, and moved around her back, and pull down her clothes.

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